Complete Pokemon X and Y Pokedex


While we hoped that Amaura would evolve into our old friend Lapras, Aurorus is not a bad substitute. This Rock/Ice type keeps the awesome Refrigerate ability and learns a brand new move called Freeze Dry, which not only can freeze opponents solid, but it is the only Ice-type move in the game that is super effective against the Water type. No longer will a Ice type need to fear the dreaded Water weakness so long as Freeze Dry is in play.


A new generation means a new evolution for Eevee, the most versatile Pokemon to ever exist. Sylveon turns Eevee into a Fairy-type Pokemon, the new 18th Pokemon type introduced during E3. Want to get this evolution? Good news! We have a n article explaining exactly how to evolve Evee into Sylveon.


We have a serious contender for best new Pokemon here, people. Hawlucha is a luchador Fighting Flying Pokemon with a mask and a bunch of wrestling moves. He's powerful, too, and you're likely going to find him during your play through the game.


At first glance, Dedenne looks like another evolution in the Pikachu line of Pokemon, but Dedenne is a species all its own. Dedenne sports a brand new Ability, Cheek Pouch, which allows Dedenne to gain HP from all types of Berries, not just the normal restorative ones, when held. Hopefully the Pikachu clan can inherit that ability somehow, because a Raichu with that would be a powerhouse.


Normally, when something has no evolution or previous form, there's a good reason: it's bad-ass. Carbink, on the other hand, is just there. He has a neat type, and serves a utility, but he isn't necessarily interesting to look at.


Yup, a slug dragon. Why? We don't know. But don't worry--things get better and better.


But it gets a little better...


And then becomes awesome. Goodra is a wet, mucus-covered ball of grossness and it knows Dragon moves. What more could you ask for?


We were all ready to jump on the Klefki hate train (IT'S A KEY CHAIN) until we honestly thought about it. It's just a poor, circular Pokemon people toss keys on. That's hardly fair! It's not like Pineco, who is just a Pinecone with eyes--he's actually cool looking without the keys. It's not his fault!

Let's get scary! Fantomp is an angry looking tree stump, and if you trade it to someone, you get...

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