Complete Pokemon X and Y Pokedex


YES! Instead of being a dumb, lazy Pokemon, Binacle turns into a giant mech made of barnacles and rocks. What a great evolution for a Pokemon that was almost super lame.


There are a few Pokemon designs that make us scratch our heads. Vanilluxe, the living ice cream double-scoop from Black and White, and Bronzong, the psychic gong from Diamond and Pearl, come to mind. X and Y already have us scratching our heads with Skrelp, a poisonous piece of kelp, aka SEAWEED. While it does bear a resemblance to a sea horse or seadragon, we're convinced this was conceived as deadly seaweed. Skrelp is a Pokemon Y exclusive Pokemon, so only those who buy Y will get to fight with seaweed.


Imagine a bunch of seaweed that can poison you and use dragon attacks on you and generally ruin your afternoon and you get something that looks a little like this Pokemon.


Clauncher here is the Finding Nemo of Pokemon; it has one massive claw which is used primarily for battle, while the other claw (its "lucky claw") is essentially just there for show. Exclusive to Pokemon X, Clauncher can shoot water, smash boulders, and Crabhammer enemies with that massive pincer, but the other is just a pointed claw with no pincer at all. Things could be worse for Clauncher; he could be a clownfish.


Cool name? Check. Cool color pattern? Check. Giant arm that looks like it could tear anything in half? Check, check, checkcheckcheckcheckcheck.


It's weird to look at Helioptile's type as Electric/Normal, but that's indeed how it is. This electric lizard (yes, it's a lizard) is the first Pokemon ever to have Normal as a secondary type. We're not sure how it generates its electricity, but we're not going to question it.


Use a sun stone on Helioptile and you get the bored-looking Heliolisk. But just because he's tired doesn't mean he isn't one of the cooler new electric Pokemon.


One of the first two new fossilized Pokemon to be revealed, Tyrunt has us really excited. Yes, his Rock/Dragon typing is cool, his Strong Jaw ability enhances moves like Bite and Crunch (and he'll have those moves, for sure), and he's a mini Tyrannosaurus for Ash's sake!


Nintendo sure didn't disappoint. What was once a cute little T-Rex evolved into the goatee-wearing Rock/Dragon type Pokmon Tyrantrum. Like his pre-evolved version, he uses his massive jaws in battle, which are said to be able to tear through metal plate like a sheet of paper. But with his indestructible teeth also comes an incredibly tough noggin to boot. Tyrantrum can learn the Rock-type move, Head Smash, which allows trainers to bash opponents with a powerful attack at the price of the dino taking some damage.


Amaura may not be as cool-looking as the other fossil Pokemon Tyrunt, but there's a lot to like here. First, its Refrigerate ability turns every Normal type move into an Ice-type move, opening up a world of strategic possibilities early on. Secondly, it learns the highly-effective Aurora Beam early in the game, giving it a big reason to stay on anyone's team. Third, the fact that it comes from a Sail Fossil, coupled with its similar look and Ice typing, makes us think it could be a pre-evolution to Generation 1 Pokemon Lapras. Is that a stretch?

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