Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tyranitar and Salamence raids start very soon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s next Tera Raid Battle event pits you against Tyranitar and Salamence, and it's just days away.

In addition to regular Tera battles, which allow you and up to three other trainers to team up and take down Tera Pokemon, Game Freak regularly holds Special Tera Raid Battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These limited-time events allow you to battle rare Tera Pokémon and add them to your collection.

In a tweet, prominent Pokemon website Serebii.net gave the lowdown on the next Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Battle event. This time around, the event will feature different spawns depending on what version you're playing: players can face off against the mighty Tyranitar in Scarlet and attempt to take down the dragon-like Salamence in Violet. These can be Four- or Five-Star raids, so expect both of these Pokemon to put up a decent fight.

This marks the third Tera Raid Battle event since the games launched last month and will take place from December 9 until December 11. On those dates, expect the start and end times to be 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET / 12 AM GMT.

The first of these developer-hosted battle events, "Eevee Spotlight", featured Eevees with a variety of Tera Types. More recently, players had their battling skills well and truly tested in a Seven-Star Raid against a fiercely powerful Dragon-Type Charizard.

While undeniably fun, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched with their fair share of technical issues. Thankfully, players are reporting significant performance boosts following the release of patch 1.1.

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