Pokemon Platinum Cheats

Lots of little things have been “freshened up” in Platinum, but there aren’t any major changes or additions – it’s really Diamond and Pearl again, dusted off, sprayed with some air freshener, and repackaged. But we still love it. 

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Pokemon Platinum Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by Shadow

    Where to Get More Heart Scales

    Pokemon Platinum

    This will help you to find more heart scales. You need these three things: First a Super Rod, the National Pokedex and then a Pokemon that knows the Hidden Move Fly. Go to the Route 224 or the Pokemon League to catch Luvdiscs. They have a 50% chance to be carrying a Heart Scale when you capture them.

  • DS | Submitted by Jalal

    999999 Money

    Action Replay

    Press L & R to avtivate

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    00000090 000F423F
    D2000000 00000000

  • DS | Submitted by Jalal

    9999 Battle Points

    Action Replay

    Press L & R To activate

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    10007248 0000270F
    D2000000 00000000

  • DS | Submitted by Shadow

    How to get Yanmega

    Pokemon Platinum

    1. Catch a Yanma in the great marsh place in Pastoria City.

    2. Train it to level 32 because it needs to know the move acientpower for it to evolve.

    3. Once it's learned the move it will evolve during its next level up.

  • DS | Submitted by Jalal

    All Accessories

    Action Replay

    Press L & R to activate

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    E0004E4C 00000024
    999999AA 00099999
    FFFFFFFF 00000000
    20004E70 0000007F
    D2000000 00000000

  • DS | Submitted by Jalal

    All Badges

    Action Replay

    Press L & R to activate

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    20000096 000000FF
    D2000000 00000000

  • DS | Submitted by Jalal

    All Berries

    Action Replay

    Press L & R to activate

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    E0000C00 00000100
    03E30095 03E30096
    03E30097 03E30098
    03E30099 03E3009A
    03E3009B 03E3009C
    03E3009D 03E3009E
    03E3009F 03E300A0
    03E300A1 03E300A2
    03E300A3 03E300A4
    03E300A5 03E300A6
    03E300A7 03E300A8
    03E300A9 03E300AA
    03E300AB 03E300AC
    03E300AD 03E300AE
    03E300AF 03E300B0
    03E300B1 03E300B2
    03E300B3 03E300B4
    03E300B5 03E300B6
    03E300B7 03E300B8
    03E300B9 03E300BA
    03E300BB 03E300BC
    03E300BD 03E300BE
    03E300BF 03E300C0
    03E300C1 03E300C2
    03E300C3 03E300C4
    03E300C5 03E300C6
    03E300C7 03E300C8
    03E300C9 03E300CA
    03E300CB 03E300CC
    03E300CD 03E300CE
    03E300CF 03E300D0
    03E300D1 03E300D2
    03E300D3 03E300D4
    D2000000 00000000

  • DS | Submitted by Jalal

    All Battle Items

    Action Replay

    Press L & R to activate

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    E0000D3C 00000034
    03E30037 03E30038
    03E30039 03E3003A
    03E3003B 03E3003C
    03E3003D 03E3003E
    03E3003F 03E30040
    03E30041 03E30042
    03E30043 00000000
    D2000000 00000000

  • DS | Submitted by Carolyn

    Legendary Pokemon Guide

    Check our Legendary Pokemon Guide for he easiest ways to obtain EVERY legendary from Articuno to Zapdos!

Pokemon Platinum Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Aurbauch

    Extra Villa Furniture

    Chandelier - Walk a total of 300,000 steps
    Great Painting - hatch 30 eggs
    Guest Set - Defeat a total of 50 trainers in the trainer cafe
    Music Box - Purchase Racks
    Piano - Defeat the Elite Four 10 times
    Pokemon Bust #1 - Obtain one silver print from the Battle Frontier
    Pokemon bust #2 - Obtain 5 silver prints from the Battle Frontier
    Tea Set - Purchase the Music Box
    Wall Clock - Plant 50 berries

Pokemon Platinum Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by Point City

    Diamond Dusts

    Go to Snow Point City during the 12th of January and you will see Diamond Dusts falling on the town. It is because of the birthday of Junichi Masuda, Gamefreaks Director and Composer of Pokemon Music.

  • DS | Submitted by secretsearcher

    Get A Porygon

    Veilstone City

    In Veilstone City, go to the Poke'mon Center, but don't go inside. You'll see two houses directly above the Pokemon Center. Go into the house on the right and speak to the man sitting at the table. He will ask you to take care of a Porygon for him. Say yes, and it's yours to keep. Just make sure you have room for it first though.

  • DS | Submitted by Kicking In

    Happy Birthday Message

    After beating Elite 4, if you play the game on your birthday, or if you set the DS clock to your birthday, and talk to Dawn/Lucas, she/he will wish you a Happy Birthday

Pokemon Platinum Hints

  • DS | Submitted by secretsearcher

    Get An Eevee

    Hearthome City

    In Hearthome City, go to the Pokemon Center, but don't go inside. Instead, go into the house right next to it. Talk to the blonde-haired girl inside. She'll introduce herself as Bebe, and then offer you an Eevee. Make sure you have room for it, then answer yes to her question. Then she'll give you an Eevee.

  • DS | Submitted by Spine

    Getting Stars And Colors

    These are the tasks you must complete to earn stars. They may be completed in any order.

    - Defeat the Elite Four.
    - Win any one Master Rank Super Contest
    - Obtain all Battle Frontier Colored Plates
    - Earn a Platinum flag in the Underground (capture 50 flags)
    - Capture all 493 Pokemon (not including event-only Pokemon)

    These are the colors you earn from completing the above tasks:

    Black Card - Earn Five Stars
    Blue Card - Earn One Star
    Bronze Card - Earn Two Stars
    Gold Card - Earn Four Stars
    Silver Card - Earn Three Stars

  • DS | Submitted by GiraPalkiDia

    Capture Dialga And Palkia

    Spear Pillar

    There is a lot to do before these pokemon are yours:

    1) Get the eighth gym badge, and get the HM Waterfall.

    2) Go to Mount Coronet

    3) Go up the waterfall, and into the secret cavern. (Just go up the mountain, you will notice the waterfall.)

    4) Get the two orbs that belong to Dialga and Palkia, they are inside the small cavern.

    5) Talk to the elder of Celestic Town.

    6) Go to Spear Pillar! (Very top of Mount Coronet where you found the Distortion World.)

    7) You will see a blue light. That's DIALGA! (After you beat/catch Dialga, enter the Mount Coronet, then step back out, there will now be a Pink Light which is PALKIA!)

    Note: You might have to beat the Elite Four first, I'm not sure. Both Dialga and Palkia will be Level 70.

  • DS | Submitted by exploding banana

    Where To Get Rotom

    Rotom is in the Old Chateau. In order to get him (you don't need to beat the elite four) go to the top floor (2nd) go into the middle room. You have to do this between 8pm and 4am. look for a room with a TV in it. Thump on the TV
    for him to go out. Rotom is Ghost and Electric and its lvl.20 so make sure you don't use a bird type but use a normal, rock, or physic and grass or ice to paralyze it and/or freeze it so its easier to catch also you need to lower it really down to health and use a really good ball like the dusk ball or quick ball or ultra ball or premier ball and maybe a timeball.

    Remember to save before the battle also he can regenerate so if you defeat, flee, get defeated he'll come back if you defeat him you have to wait for the next day. If you flee just start from the pokemon center. If you get defeated go back to a pokemon center and start again.

  • DS | Submitted by Pokeman

    Giratina Origin Form

    Turn Back Cave/Distortion World

    After catching Giratina in the distortion world you will go through a portal that leads to turn back cave. Cynthia will be standing in front of the cave blocking the entrance. She will tell you to go see Rowan. Return there later and go to where you catch Giratina in D.P, and once their you will see a portal that leads to the distortion world. Go in it and make your way through the it there you will find an item called Griseous Orb Give that to Giratina and he will stay or change into Origin form.

  • DS | Submitted by davebuster

    The New Pokemon

    58 pokemon were added to the Sinnoh Pokedex (Before you beat the elite 4) These pokemon are:

    151-Manaphy (Seen in the book at the Mansion, not catchable ingame)
    152-Rotom (With new forms that learn different attacks)
    210-Giratina (Origin Form)

  • DS | Submitted by Professor Pokemaster

    Get The National Pokedex

    Complete the Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing all 210 regional Pokemon, then talk to Professor Rowan in his lab.