Pokemon Go Shadowy Skirmishes, tasks and how to catch Shadow Registeel

Pokemon Go Shadowy Skirmishes
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Pokemon Go Shadowy Skirmishes sees Team Go Rocket return for another takeover attempt in Pokemon Go, and with it comes a new quest line that allows trainers to battle and catch a Shadow Registeel.

Yes, the Steel-type Legendary Pokemon will be obtainable after defeating Giovanni, the leader of Team Go Rocket. But to do so, Pokemon Go trainers must complete a new Special Research that includes plenty of tasks that involve battling Team Go Rocket grunts, catching Shadow Pokemon and purifying them.

And then trainers will have a chance to battle Giovanni and his new Pokemon, Registeel.

Without further ado, here’s everything trainers need to know about the Shadowy Skirmishes quest line in Pokemon Go.

 Pokemon Go Shadowy Skirmishes Tasks 

In total, the Shadowy Skirmishes Special Research contains 15 tasks broken up into five steps. 

Most of these tasks involve battling and defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts, catching Shadow Pokemon and eventually purifying them. Trainers will also have to eventually battle the three Team Go Rocket Leaders and Giovanni. 

But we’ll get to that in a bit. Here are the steps, tasks and rewards for the Shadowy Skirmishes special research.

Step 1 of 5

  • Defeat six Team Go Rocket Grunts: Reward - Heliptile encounter
  • Make three Nice Curveball Throws in a row: Reward -  Helioptile encounter
  • Earn two Candies exploring with your buddy: Reward - Helioptile encounter
  • Completion rewards: 2000xp, Poke Ball (x15), Revive (x10)

Step 2 of 5

  • Defeat 6 Team Go Rocket Grunts: Reward - Hyper Potion (x2)
  • Catch 4 Shadow Pokemon: Reward - Poke Ball (x10)
  • Purify 2 Shadow Pokemon: Reward - Pinap Berry (x10)
  • Completion rewards: 2000xp, Great Ball (x15), Rocket Radar (x1)
  • To learn more about taking on the Grunts and the purification process, be sure to check out our  Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket guide , here.

Step 3 of 5

  • Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Arlo: Reward - 1500xp
  • Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff: Reward - 1500xp
  • Defeat Team Go Rocket LEader Sierra: Reward - 1500xp
  • Completion rewards: 2500xp, Stardust (x1000), Super Rocket Radar (x1)

Step 4 of 5

  • Find the Team Go Rocket Boss: Reward - Max Potion (x5)
  • Battle the Team Go Rocket Boss: Reward - Ultra Ball (x20)
  • Defeat the Team Go Rocket Boss: Reward - Revive (x5)
  • Completion rewards: 2500xp, Lucky Egg (x1), Golden Razz Berry (x2)

Step 5 of 5

  • Claim Reward - 1500xp
  • Claim Reward - 1500xp
  • Claim Reward - 1500xp
  • Completion rewards: 5000xp, Stardust (x2500), Silver Pinap Berry (x2)

Pokemon Go Shadowy Skirmishes

(Image credit: Niantic)

How to Catch Shadow Registeel in Pokemon Go 

To get your very own Shadow Registeel in Pokemon Go, trainers will have to get to the final quest line in the Shadow Skirmishes Special Research and defeat Giovanni.

In order to do that, you’ll need to defeat the three Team Go Rocket Bosses and their Pokemon. Here’s how each of those trainers stacks up and a breakdown of their teams.

Trainers may recognize some of Arlo’s team, but it has changed slightly. This time around, he’ll always start with Nidoran (male). His signature Pokemon, Scizor, is still an option on his team, but we recommend bringing at least one strong Fire and Water-type into this battle. 

Here’s his team:

Pokemon Go Arlo's Shadowy Skirmishes team

  1. Nidoran (male)
  2. Crobat/Steelix/Cradily
  3. Charizard/Scizor/Armaldo

As for Cliff, he’ll now start with a Magnemite and has a mix of Rock/Ground types. A Ground-type is a must as it takes out Magnemite, Omastar, Tyranitar and Camerupt. A strong Water-type could help, but bring something in case he uses Venusaur. It’s weak to Fire, Ice, Flying and Psychic attacks. We recommend, perhaps, a Flying type as Fire and Psychic could get walled by some of his other Pokemon.

Here’s Cliff’s team:

Pokemon Go Cliff's Shadowy Skirmishes team

  1. Magnemite
  2. Venusaur/Omastar/Pinsir
  3. Sharpedo/Tyranitar/Camerupt

And finally, we have Sierra. This time around she starts with Beldum and has a bunch of Psychic and Dark types on her squad. 

A Fairy-type like Togekiss is a must as it can take out Sierra’s Sharpedo, Flygon and Shiftry. A Fighting-type would also benefit from taking on Sharpedo, Lapras, Houdnoom and Shiftry. Choose wisely, trainers.

Here’s Sierra’s team:

Pokemon Go Sierra’s Shadowy Skirmishes team

  • Beldum
  • Sharpedo/Lapras/Flygon
  • Houndoom/Alakazam/Shiftry

Giovanni is the toughest of all the Team Go Rocket trainers. And with Shadow Registeel on his team, it’ll be even more difficult. The key is to take out his lead Pokemon, Persian, quickly while also gathering enough energy to unleash powerful Charged Attacks.

A good Fighting-type will deal with Persian while also dealing super-effective damage to Cloyster and Registeel. Mega Blaziken is a great choice as it can handle most of Giovanni’s team, especially Persian and Registeel.

Here’s Giovanni’s team:

Pokemon Go Giovanni’s Shadowy Skirmishes team

  1. Persian
  2. Nidoking/Cloyster/Garchomp
  3. Registeel
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