Pokemon Go Regirock raid counters, and best moves to use

pokemon go regirock counters
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These Pokemon Go Regirock Counters will help when the stoney boy arrives in raids in Pokemon Go. Beginning Tuesday, February 1 at 10 a.m. local time, Regirock will replace Regice in five-star Raids. Trainers will have until Wednesday, February 9 at 10 a.m. to catch and battle as many Regirocks as possible. 

Trainers will definitely want to get to five-star Raids as often as possible because there will be a chance to catch a Shiny Regirock. Remember, trainers can only pick up one free Raid Pass per day by visiting a Raid. Premium Raid Passes are available to purchase for 100 PokeCoins each in the in-game shop that allows trainers to enter Raid battles. Remote Raid Passes are also available for 100 PokeCoins each that allows trainers to enter a Raid from anywhere. There is a deal for three Remote Raid Passes for 250 PokeCoins.

Now that you know how to find Regirock in Raids, here’s a handy guide on how to defeat it as fast as possible.

Regirock Raid Counters

Regirock is a pure Rock-type Pokemon making it weak to Grass, Water, Ground, Steel and Fighting-type moves. Rock types are a strong offensive typing, but defensively is a different story and in Pokemon Go, there are plenty of options to take on Regirock.

Mega Pokemon can excel against Regirock. Trainers looking to bring Water types into battle will want to consider Mega Blastoise or Gyarados. Both inflict massive damage and can power up the Water-type moves of your team.

Mega Venusaur is the best Grass-type option as it deals a lot of damage very quickly. Mega Lopunny is optimal for trainers looking to use a Fighting-type team. 

The new Steel-type Mega, Mega Steelix, is great for those looking to bring a number of Steel types against Regirock. Any of those Megas will do well depending on the type of team you are thinking of bringing.

For other options, check out the list of potential Regirock counters below. 

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Pokemon Go Regirock Raid Counters
Mega BlastoiseWater Gun and Hydro Cannon
Mega VenusaurVine Whip and Frenzy Plant
Mega GyaradosWaterfall and Hydro Pump
Mega LopunnyLow Kick and Focus Blast
Mega SteelixIron Tail and Earthquake
MetagrossBullet Punch and Meteor Mash
ConkeldurrCounter and Dynamic Punch
ExcadrillMetal Claw and Drill Run
LucarioCounter and Aura Sphere
KyogreWaterfall and Surf

Regirock Moveset

Being a Legendary, Regirock has access to a number of different attacks. It’s Fast Attacks consist of Rock Throw, Rock Smash and Lock On. Lock On won’t do super effective damage against your team, but it gathers energy fast for Regirock, which will lead to more Charged Attacks being used.

Rock Throw is Regirock’s main STAB move, but is resisted by any Steel and Fighting types you bring into battle. Rock Smash is a Fighting-type move that will give Steel types a problem. Both Rock Throw and Rock Smash deal super effective damage against Ice types, which is why Mega Abomasnow, which while its Grass moves will deal super effective damage against Regirock, would probably not last long enough to be effective.

As for Regirock’s Charged Attacks, Stone Edge and Focus Blast are Rock and Fighting-type attacks, respectively, and could give Steel types problems. 

Regirock’s last Charged Attack is Zap Cannon, an Electric-type move. This could give issues to Water types going into battle against it as they will be hit super effectively. It’s best if trainers be mindful of the recommended page when first entering a Raid. The game will give its recommendations on which Pokemon to use in battle and trainers can scout what moves Regirock will have this way. If it recommends Water types then Regirock won’t likely have Zap Cannon.

To scout Regirock even more, here are every move it can have in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go Regirock Moveset
Fast AttackCharged Attack
Rock ThrowStone Edge
Rock SmashZap Cannon
Lock OnFocus Blast

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