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Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Panpour, Simipour

#022Unova / #516 National
Species classification:Geyser Pokemon
Ability: Gluttony – Eats held berry when 50% HP remains instead of 25%
Dream World ability: Torrent – increases power of Water-type moves by 1.5 if Pokemon has less than 1/3 HP remaining
Location found (Black/White): Evolve Hiyappu
Egg groups: Ground
Gender ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
Experience at lvl 100: 1,000,000
Base stats: 75 HP / 98 Atk / 63 Def / 98 SAtk / 63 SDef / 101 Spd / 498 Total
Effort values: 2 Speed
Evolution family:Panpour > Simipourvia Water Stone

Probably the least appealing design-wise in its final form,Panpour makes up for it by learning one of the coolest new moves of this generation at level 22, Water-type attack Boiling Water, which has a 30% chance of causing a burn on the target. Boiling Water is also available as TM55 though, so don't stress too much if you've evolvedPanpourtoo early, since his level up movepool isn't that great.

General notes on the elemental monkeys:

They're somewhat similiar to theEeveelutionsof Red/Blue, except that they don't have a Normal-type base formandthere are only three types, with one evolution each.

It might be easier to think of them ascounterpartsto the starters, since depending on the starter you picked, an NPCeast of Striation City (in thearea where you first encounterMunna)will give you the monkey that's weak to your starter. All three monkeys have these facts in common:

1) They all have the same base stats.
2) None of their evolutions learn any moves through level up, so evolve wisely.
3) They can all learn the new Flying-type move Acrobat at level 31 (first stage only), which does light damage but can hit any ofthe three opponents in a triple battle no matter where the user is positioned, and does double damage if the user isn't holding an item.
4) The trio's design is partially based on the three wise monkeys: see no evil (Panpour), hear no evil (Pansear) and speak no evil (Pansage).