Pedro Pascal's spoof The Last of Us-inspired Mario Kart TV adaptation is the best thing you'll see today

Pedro Pascal as Mario
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The Last of Us' Pedro Pascal took over hosting duties on Saturday Night Live on February 4, and marked the show's rip-roaring success with a spoof teaser for another video game adaptation inspired by the HBO show.

“HBO’s The Last of Us is a hit, proving that a video game can become a prestige dystopian drama," the teaser's dramatic voiceover claims. "In Spring, HBO is doing it again with another iconic game."

The voice then switches to what is presumably a character from the show, which says: "It’s been ten years since our kingdom fell. The only thing we have left? Hope."

There are a couple of clues scattered around the place - graffiti of a very iconic flower, for one - and then the character slams a gold coin down on a table and says: "I have important cargo I need smuggled to Rainbow Road. People say you used to drive?"

If the Rainbow Road reference isn't quite enough to get you there, the camera switches to the back of a brooding, hunched-over character wearing a red shirt and denim overalls.

"People say a lot of things," he says gruffly, and then turns to the camera: "It's a-me, Mario."

The sincerely spectacular three-minute teaser goes on to reveal that the cargo is Princess Peach herself. Expect to see a kart, numerous memorable enemies, Luigi, and even Bowser himself as it progresses, accompanied by a foreboding remix of the Mario franchise's iconic music. 

"In a video game turned series, a trailer follows a group of people as they try to help a princess get to Rainbow Road," teases the video's description on YouTube.

The Last of Us star Merle Dandridge recently opened up about how she approached her character "in a new way" for the HBO show – and explained how Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal bring a "different twinkle" to beloved protagonists Ellie and Joel.

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