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    Submitted by Bastille

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  • N64 | Submitted by Kambel Serle

    Chuck Quizmo Locations

    Paper Mario 64
    Chuck Quizmo Locations Guide
    Nintendo 64/Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
    Version 1.02
    Guide by: SerlKamb
    = Table of Contents =
    = Updates and Memo's - 1.01 =
    = Quiz Locations and Answers - 2.01 =
    = Ex. Figure 2.02 =
    = Chapter 1 2.10 =
    = Chapter 2 2.20 =
    = Chapter 3 2.30 =
    = Chapter 4 2.40 =
    = Chapter 5 2.50 =
    = Chapter 6 2.60 =
    = Chapter 7 2.70 =
    = Credits and contact info - 3.01 =
    = Copyright disclosure - 4.01 =
    = Updates and Memo's - 1.01 =
    -Version 1.02- Fixed minor flaw in the design of this guide. Fixed minor
    spelling errors. Re-worded the copyright disclosure.
    -Version 1.01- Fixed spelling mistakes. Fixed ponctuation errors.
    Re-evaluated some of the locations and questions. Added Town
    and secondary location informations to questions 61-64.
    Changed "Save box" to "Save block".
    -Version 1.0 - No updates available.
    -This is my first guide for any game and so I hope this may help you in
    the completion of this game. As this is my first Guide, everything found
    here will be as basic as can be. I will add more info and details in each
    section, as needed, in future updates, if any.
    = Quiz Locations and Answers - 2.01 =
    You will find that many towns in this game have different vibes and looks to
    them. However there is only one thing you will find in each one, that each
    one has in common. They all have one funny looking guy, or should I say
    "worm". He is purple in color and wears a top hat. This guy is referred to as
    "Chuck Quizmo". He is the one whom this guide will be focusing on.
    To better understand his locations, I will be adding the name of the town in
    which each Question Chuck Quizmo will be asking you, can be located in. And
    I will add a specific secondary Location to towns that have multiple area's
    in which he can be found. There is a total of 64 quiz questions.
    The figure below is an example of how this guide works.
    = Figure 2.02 =
    Quiz Number Quiz Question
    '-> 26. Koopa Village, near Save box. Who does Kooper idolize ?Secondary Location
    Answer: Kolorado

Paper Mario Hints

  • N64 | Submitted by mario man

    Lots Of Coins!!!!

    First do the "Life Shrooms For 3 Coins" code. Then sell the Life Shrooms for coins. Repeat the process as many times as you want!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Garai13

    How to get Watt

    Here's how you get Watt. When you are in Shy Guys Toy box, goto the red station. Instead of heading down the path to fight the General Guy, go down the other way. When you reach the end, you will have to fight a semi-boss thingy. When you beat him, break his lantern and you will now have Watt. This little powerhouse can do some pretty good damage, and she can also charge up Mario's power at mega level!

  • N64 | Submitted by sushie

    How to get sushie

    First go to yoshis village follow the koopa with the mustache to the entrance of mt.lavalava it will end up the entrance is blocked by a river of lava. Turn back to yoshis village and find out that the yoshi kids are missing, go to the entrance north of you and enter it. keep walking forward and cross a bridge once you cross the bridge you will arrive at a single island with one tree sushie will be in it hit the tree 3 times and sushie will fall out she will help you find the yoshi kids.

  • N64 | Submitted by Blink boy

    Beat Tubba Bubba's Heart THE EASY WAY

    Okay walk to the windy mill. When you get inside there will be a thingy with a board over it. Do your new jump onto it. It will break and you will fall. Now there will be a hallway with one green goomba in it(dodge him cuz your FP or HP will be low) Go through the door that you find. Then do the same like you did last time. Keep doing this every hallway. Now when you get to the last hallway MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE LADY BOW OUT!!!! then open the door. There you will find a strawberry looking creature sitting on this rot.(thats the heart) He will begin to fight you. Hit him with your power jump and then let bow use her smack. Immediately he will charge up for an attack. When its Bow's turn use out of sight. Keep doing this pattern. Eventually he will use another attack. When you beat him run out of the windy mill. And there you will find Tubba Bubba. You have to fight him but it's not that hard. only like three hits.

  • N64 | Submitted by Moneyexpert8

    Find Shy Guy's Toybox

    You need Bow's help to do this. After you've gotten the third Star Spirit, go back to Toad Town. You will see that shy guys have been stealing from people. This is how to find Shy Guy's Toybox: Do know that Vacant house somewhere in Toad Town? Go inside and go anywhere in room. Have Bow make you become transparent. DO NOT DO ANYTHING! A shy guy will come into the building, whistling, and will go into a secret door in the wall. After he completely goes through, follow him. You'll come into a room with a big present-like box. Jump on the trampoline, and you enter the present. Then it'll show you starting Chapter 4 of the game. You have entered Shy Guy's Toybox!

  • N64 | Submitted by Paper Peach

    Attack FX B

    This badge is right by Koopa Village! There are blocks that you have to hit in this order: Left,right, then middle. You will soon see a red block. Jump to it, and get the Attack FX B badge!

  • N64 | Submitted by Paper Peach

    Star Piece!!!

    This star piece is just below the room with the original Mario pot. Get all the way to the end of the bookshelf. I mean, the edge. Like, when you land, hit down to get to the ledge! Use Parakarry to reach the boxes. Jump-slam the two boxes. On the bottom box, there is a star piece!

  • N64 | Submitted by Spencer

    Beat Koopa bros. EZ!!!

    Here's what you do: 1) Buy about 5 fire flowers & 2 honey syrups [or any other kind of food that refills flower power] then go to the koopa bros, destroy the bowser robot with bombette's bomb attack 3 times, also with mario's help of hammering or jumping attacks. Then when the koopa bros are up, use all fire flowers, if you run out take the koopas out 1 by 1. EZ eh?

  • N64 | Submitted by Nigel

    Get to Dry Dry Outpast

    Go to the train station in toad town then on the track will be a rock use bombette to explode it and then talk to the guy in the train station and you can get to Dry Dy Oupast

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Special Badge

    After you get the super boots, head to merlon's place, enter the house, and butt slam the floor 3 times. A badge will appear that will allow you to change your partner during a battle and not lose a turn for doing so(for example, if it was mario's turn and you wanted to switch partners, if you had the badge on you could switch and still have mario attack.

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Secret Treasure

    In Toad Town go al the way to the left to exit it. Then there is a tree next to the bridge looking thing and hit it with a hammer and a spring will come up jump on it and keep going to the right and there will be a treasure chest.

  • N64 | Submitted by Aaron M.

    Jelly Ultra

    Give Tayce T. a jammin` jelly and an ultra shroom to get the jelly ultra.It heals 50 HP and 50 FP!

  • N64 | Submitted by paula

    Here Are More Tayce T. Recipes!

    Goomnut=Nutty Cake
    Mushroom=Fried Shroom
    Dried Shroom=Fried Shroom
    Koopa Leaf=Koopa Tea
    Maple Syrup=Super Soda
    Honey Syrup=Super Soda
    Lime=Tasty Tonic
    Lemon=Tasy Tonic
    Fire Flower=Spicey Soup
    Dried Pasta=Spaghetti
    Iced Potato=Potato Salad
    Apple=Super Soda
    Cake Mix=Cake
    Melon=Special Shake
    Whacka's Bump=Yummy Meal
    Volt Shroom=Hot Shroom
    Egg=Fried Egg
    Cake Mix+Apple=Apple Pie
    Cake Mix+Honey Syrup=Honey Candy
    Cake Mix+Mushroom=Shroom Cake
    Cake Mix+Fire Flower=Fire Pop
    Cake Mix+Lemon=Lemon Candy
    Cake Mix+Stinky Herb/Koopa Leaf=Kooky Cookie
    Cake Mix+Maple Syrup=Sweet Cake
    Cake Mix+Melon=Yoshi Cookie
    Cake Mix+Jam'n Jelly=Lolly Pop
    Cake Mix+Goomnut=Kooky Cookie
    Mushroom+Fire Flower=Hot Shroom
    Mushroom+Jam'n Jelly=Jelly Shroom
    Iced Potato+Fire Flower=French Fries
    Maple Syrup+Super Shroom=Maple Super
    Egg+Fire Flower=Egg Bomb
    Mushroom+Maple Syrup=Maple Shroom
    Koopa Leaf+Dried Pasta=Koopasta
    There's some more with the bubble berries and red berries but i forgot what they were.

  • N64 | Submitted by Jet B.

    Quick way in forever forest

    1. Go around til the flowers laugh.
    2. Next go til the eyes light up in the tree.
    3. Go til the flowers colors change. {bule}
    4. Go til face appears in tree. {laughing}
    5. Go one left. {beware of plant 4 of them}
    6. Go up to the flowers when ! appears then go in to the one when the flowers laugh.
    7. Go til you see a sign.

  • N64 | Submitted by zero

    Kill Lava Pirahna and escape volcano easy!

    This is winded, but bear with me! Okay, first you need to have leveled up Sushie to Super-rank (Ultra is better!) so that she can cast Water Block (Tidal Wave). Then, when the battle starts, have Sushie cast Water block on Mario and have him use Power Jump to really hurt lava Pirahna (Only the big head! if he goes, they all die.) when you kill him, he'll go into the lava, you'll get about 15-18 star points, and it'll emerge as super lava pihrana! Kolorado will try to beat it up, but only hurt himself. Have Sushie Squirt (Tidal Wave) the Boss so Mario can jump on him (If you have it, use hammer throw). After it dies, you'll get Mistar (YES!) and have to escape the volcano, as it's ready to blow (Oh, %@#$ !)! Switch to Bombette so she can destroy the wall, then spin dash(Jump at the end so you're not stunned)and jump up the stairs. you did it! Note: you can just use chill out and star storm as well! Oh, these were my stats for Mario and Sushie:) :

  • N64 | Submitted by Matt Salzman

    Secret Badge 2

    You can find this badge in tuppa blubba's place. go into the room that has a bed with coins on top of it and drawers that you can pul out.Go to the bookcases and pull out the drawer next to the one that is already out. the use Parrkay (the turtle dude with wings) and fly over to the bed. There you can collect the coins. Then jump up to the book shelf above the bed. then jump over the books untill you jump over the last book. Then walk toward the wall. You'll walk down a flight of stairs and get the badge. It's pretty cool. But I'll let you find out what it does.

  • N64 | Submitted by Thomas O'Rourke

    Get through Forever Forest to Boo's Manison

    This will only work if you're planning to get the third star spirit.
    This forest has 7 circles with four path connected to them.
    1. When you enter the forest, go 2 paths left or right.
    2. Go 1 path left.
    3. Go 1 path left.
    4. Go 1 path right.
    5. Go 1 path left.
    6. Go 1 path right.
    7. Go 1 path right. After you'll a sign. It will say that Boo's Manison is this way.
    If you mess up, you will come back to the start.

  • N64 | Submitted by dewar

    Tayce T. Foods

    1. egg-scrambled egg
    2. egg+fire flower-egg bomb
    3. lime or lemon-tasty tonic
    4. apple-super soda
    5. life shroom-shroom looking thing
    6. ultra shroom-shroom steak
    7. cake mix+(stinky herb or koopa leaf)- kooky kookie
    8. koopa leaf-koopa tea
    9. goomnut-nutty cake
    10. cake mix+melon-yoshie cookie
    11. cake mix+fire flower-fire pop
    12. cake mix- cake
    13. spaghetti-spaghetti
    14. spaghetti+koopa leaf- koopa spaghetti
    15. blue mushroom+goomnut-maple super or play the radio games to get it
    16. mistakes-mistakes
    17. yummy meal or in a side quest somewhere
    18. cake mix+lemon-lemon cake
    P.S.- not so sure how to make numbers 15,17 but i think if you do the radio side quest game in the koops village you can get them

  • N64 | Submitted by Thomas O'Rourke

    Find Dry, Dry, Ruins

    Go to the oasis in Dry, Dry, Desert. Get a lemon and give it to Seek, or whatever, he'll tell you to go to the market in Dry, Dry, Outpost and buy a dried scroon, then the dusty hammer in that order. The onwer will tell you how to find to the guy who knows where the ruins are. Go to the door Seek was standing infront of and go out the side door. Jump on the crates onto roof and go left. You'll find a door. Seek is in there, but HE'S really the guy you're looking for. He'll give you a pulse stone. Then go to the desert. A cloud showing the stone will flash. The near you get to the area where Dry, Dry, Ruins is, the faster the stone flashes. When it is flashing rapidly, go up to a stone with a hole in it. Put the stone in it, and BAM! The ruins pop out of the ground!

  • N64 | Submitted by TJ Poirier

    Letters, Letters!

    After you get Parakarry, a lot of people(?) will ask you to send letters to friends. You'll also have to send the three that you picked up for Parakarry. You have to start by delivering the three you already have. But don't think this is easy! You will have to travel twice to Dry Dry Outpost.(by the way, you know that vulture that stops you at the bridge? Just tell him you're Luigi and he won't bother you)

  • N64 | Submitted by jeremy smith


    when you are in a battle and somebody is attacking you press A + B at the exactly same time the guy hits you.

  • N64 | Submitted by Tutankoopa

    Luigi's Secret Diary

    Our hero's brother is a little sneak! After you get the Super Boots in Boo's Mansion, go to Mario's house. [the pipe next to Russ T.'s house in Toad Town] Go inside the room with the beds. There is a patch of wood that stands out by the window. Pound it with the boots to fall into a secret room. In that room lies
    Luigi's diary! He writes a new page after every chapter, so, keep checking back. It may help your quest...

  • N64 | Submitted by louman

    Bow mansion

    In lady bow palace in forever ever forest there is a a jar on the 2nd floor.It is the second door on the floor go in and there should be a little brown box jump on it then jump in the multi-colored jar you should come out looking like super nintendo mario(old school mario)if you what to turn back into paper mario just jump back into the multi-colored jar .This is not tricky at all.

  • N64 | Submitted by Paper Peach

    Original Mario

    You can get the original Mario in Paper Mario. This code is really cute! There's this room with boxes and a vase in Boo's Mansion. Jump into the vase with assistance from the one box next to it. You'll pop out as a Mario from Super Mario Brothers, and I mean the original! It's cute, but all you can do is a regular jump. But you can hop onto the rocking chair in the room and rock back and forth. To change back, jump into the vase again, or leave the room.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get free Ultra Shrooms

    1. Go to sleep in the toad house in the town near Crystal Palace. One day when you are sleeping, you will wake up and the little toad will say that he was taking a nap and when she woke up there was slush everywhere! There will be a group of mushrooms, and in the middle will be a Ultra Shroom.

    2. On your way to Crystal Palace you will come to a brown brick box. Break it. Then equip Watt and use him by pressing Z. you will see a yellow box. Jump and while your in the air press a again to hit the box. Out will pop a Ultra Shroom! P.S. THIS CHEAT WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THE PAIR OF RED BOOTS YOU FOUND IN THE SEWER OF TOAD TOWN.

  • N64 | Submitted by Susy Moses

    Evil Toads

    When your in toad town there will be dark toads in your way to the Koopa Bros Fortress what you need to do is go to merlin right up to him and press a. He will go over to the toads and turn them into there real forms. The Koopa Bros!!!!!! They will leave and you can cross the path.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeat Kent C. Easily

    After you beat Lava Piranha and saved the 5th star spirit you go to Toad Town. You see Mr. Kolorado next to the entrance of Pleasent Path, and he tells you there's a big turtle that seems strong. You go in Pleasent Path and you see that BIG Kent C. dude. He asks for 100 coins but tell him to fight, when you fight him you must make him sleep with the 2nd star spirit's lullaby or use sleepy sheep. Any sleep attack would really work against him, but it may fail. The best partner choise may be upgraded Bombette. Be careful Kent C.'s attack is 10 and defense is 1 I guess. He may also attack you and your partner which the power is 3.

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Infinite Acorns

    At the front of the game, there is a big tree in the Goomba's front yard. Hit it with your hammer to get an acorn. Leave and re-enter. When you get back hit the tree again to get another acorn. Do this as many times as you want. P.S. Hi! Bob I made it.

  • N64 | Submitted by james

    I Spy

    In toad town, there is a badge called "I Spy". to get it, go by the gate with a star and go south until you see a badge store. Go in there and you'll see the badge but it may not be there so you might have to get a little farther in the game.
    What it does is tells you if there is a hidden floor panel and if there is, you'll have to keep hitting the ground with jump then while you're in the air, you push A again.

  • N64 | Submitted by AAA

    Beating Crystal King

    He's the boss of Crystal Palace. I recommend you to equip Mario the Double Dip Badge or the Triple Dip Badge (the Triple Dip Badge is in Crystal Palace) to use more than one item in one turn. Have at least 5 Fire Flowers.

  • N64 | Submitted by thegamebaron

    Battle Tactics

    When you are in a battle and somebody is attacking you press A just before the guy hits you. This will keep you from getting hurt. When you are attacking push B right before you hit them. This makes the hit hurt a lot more. When using the hammer push the joystick to the left until the last light lights up. Immediately let the joystick go to the center. This will also make the hit hurt a lot more.

  • N64 | Submitted by voldemont

    Hidden Oasis

    First when your in the Dry Dry desert town, exit it and keep on going south until you see that the sand is turning into grass. You'll finally find the secret oasis. The oasis contains lemons which are very help-full. The oasis also contains a special power up that allowes your team mate to power up and learn a new move!

  • N64 | Submitted by voldemont

    Secret Badge

    This is a little tricky and nifty code I found. First when you are in the Dry Dry Desert town, exit it. Then go 3 moves south, then 2 moves west. You should now be in a large area with a small rock in the middle. Jump on top of the rock, then jump strait up again, then a block should have appeared with the Music Badge popping out. I wont tell you what it does, but I found it very cool!

  • N64 | Submitted by dude in the corner

    Lots of Special Power Ups

    First you must go to mt. rugged. The path is pretty straight forward until the path branches up or down. Go down. You will eventually come across a blue thing that pops out of the ground. Hit it with your hammer (he/she is not an enemy) and it's bump will fall off. Pick it up, as it can recover 25HP & 25FP.! Now keep re-entering the screen and it will reappear. It does eventually run out though.

  • N64 | Submitted by m.a.c.

    Beat Tutankoopa EASLY!!!!!!

    Buy 9 thounderbolts and use them all on Tunankoopa.Then use Parakarry's Shell Shot

  • N64 | Submitted by Kurpunkel

    Mega Hammer

    If you fix ALL the leaks in Daniel's house, you will recieve the Mega Hammer from Daniel.

  • N64 | Submitted by Richie MOW

    Free Hearts

    Ok First i was walking down a path a i saw these three blue things, one looking at me so i went up to it an ran around it and the invincible music played and then hearts came out!!!!!!Directions to get there: go right from toad town until you reach the path where you can go down dirt steps, or across the bridge and the blue tall things are in the back. The one on th left has no eyes or there following you. Run around him and you no what happens. (i think i was the first person to find this because i got it the day it came out and i found this the next day!)

  • N64 | Submitted by Hack

    Luigi's Secret Room

    First get the Ultra Boots(Super Boots might also work) then go to Mario's house and into the back room with the beds. There you will see a raised part in the floor by the left wall. Ground pound it and you will fall into Luigi's secret room where you can read his diary.(there is more entries the farther you get in the game, so check often!)

  • N64 | Submitted by Oliver goode

    Power Bounce badge with out Bombette

    When you see the Power Bounce badge in the cage and the turtle comes out defeat him and go on the back right side and run against the wall to the back of the cage and you should be in with the Power Bounce badge. (Pretty cool huh?)

  • N64 | Submitted by Bowser Slayer

    How to kill lava pirahna easily

    First go somewhere that sells snowmandolls cheap.Buy three or four snowmandolls.Go to lava pirahna.When he gets on fire use a snow mandoll he'll be crumbled up and he wont attack you.Do this every time catches on fire.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Kent C. Koopa

    To beat him is easy just use Lullaby and jump on him till he's on the grond them it's your choice on what you do if he wkes up use Lullaby again.
    Pretty Easy Huh.
    Oh ya don'tlet him touch you his power is 70hp 10ap 6dp. YIKES!
    I beat and he didn't even touch me.

  • N64 | Submitted by Dean Wolf Smith

    Star Pieces

    1-4 goomba village
    5-6 goomba road
    7-18 toad town
    19-22 shooting star summit
    23-26 pleasant path
    27-28 koopa village
    29-31 mt.rugged
    32-33 dry dry desert
    34 dry dry outpost
    35 dry dry ruins
    36-40 boo's mansion
    41-42 gusty gulch
    43-44 tubba blubba's place
    45-51 shy guy's toy box
    52-55 jade jungle
    56 yoshi village
    57-58 mt. lavalava
    59-64 flower field
    65 shiver city
    66 shiver snow field
    67 shiver mt.
    68-70 crystal palace
    Remaining Star Pieces
    71-85 Koopa Koots Crazy Errands
    86-97 Letters Delivered
    98-160Chuck Quizmo

  • N64 | Submitted by Dean Wolf Smith

    Super Blocks

    It's really easy to beat Bowser if your allies are as strong as they can get.
    1.Left to the entrance to Mt.Rugged
    2.Dry Dry Desert oasis
    3.Dry Dry Ruins near the spring
    4.Super hammer the blocks in Toad Town Tunnels
    5.In Tubba Blubba's Castle when exiting the basement
    6.Shy Guy's Toy Box near Deep Focus
    7.A small island in Jade Jungle
    8.Jump of that hook and slide thing in Mt.Lavalava
    9.Near the dead end in Mt.Lavalava close to the fire traps
    10.Use Sushi to swim in that little pool near the entrance of Toad Town
    11.Use the mega hammer to break the blocks
    12.On a ledge that seems impossible to get to just jump on the checkered board to reveal invisible blocks use them to get a cross
    13.Near Block Puzzle in Flower Fields
    14.Check the fine pit to the west in Flower Fields
    15.left in the frozen pipe area
    16.Go up and left were you found the people on Shiver Mountain

  • N64 | Submitted by Jacko

    Kent C.'s Weakness

    When you fight Kent C., put him to sleep right off the bat. After Mario does this, your friend probably won't be able to hurt him. Have your strongest friend out. Next jump on Kent c. and make him topple over by executing the action command. When you attack, move the control so you atack his tail. If you attack his stomach it won't do diddly-squat.

  • N64 | Submitted by PAKnightsfreak

    Beat Koopa Brothers EZ!

    To beat the koopa brothers you should use gombario. if you head bang them they will topple over and therefore cannot attack for a pretty long time im their shell is no help to them!

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Find the Attack FX E badge!

    Go to Shiver City and go to the mayor's part of town (one screen to the left). Go into the first house and jump on some of the junk in the back and go up. Look at all the windows until a ! appears above your head. Go through it onto the awning and jump onto the other houses awning. Go through another window. Go down the stairs and open the chest. There it is!

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Princess Peach's Secret Chest

    In Princess Peach's castle there is a treasure chest in which you can put an item and take out the same item in an identical chest somewhere in Mushroom Kingdom. The 1st chest is in a side room in the main hall of the Princess's castle. Put these two badges and a jammin jelly in it when you get them. Mario can take them out if he goes to the house at Shooting star summit. The other chest is on the first floor where the lady tells fortunes!

  • N64 | Submitted by ultimate mario

    Maximum Level!!!(Best way to train!!!)

    Make sure you're totally healed, have your best fighter, and have the best fighting badges first. After that go to Flower Fields. When You first get in in save where you are with the save block on your right. After that go all the way to the right and go through the way where you see the Yellow Flower guarding that gate. Make sure you gave him Yellow Berries first to get through. Now go across the spikes and then you will see two enemies in a small bed of flowers. If you see a flower that looks different and has sparkles coming out of it, then chase it! YOU MUST GET FIRST STRIKE!!! If you don't see any difference, then reset the game and resume to where I told you to save. Go back. If it's still not there then do it again until you see it. When you enter the battle it will either try to hurt you REALLY BAD, or run away. If it kills you or runs away, reset the game right before it runs or right after it kills you. Then try again! Keep doing this until you get your!
    MAXIMUM LEVEL. It gives you an incredible amount of Exp. point!!! Have fun!

  • N64 | Submitted by Maierme


    Once you start to get far into the game, you might start to think Goombario is pritty useless and not want to upgrade him,but,after you get the ultra stone and leatn multybonk, he can be verrry useful.Charge him up 4 times then do headbonk or multybonk

  • N64 | Submitted by mario man

    Life Shrooms For 3 Coins!!!

    This will only work if Tayce T. has the cookbook from Gourmet Guy. First buy a mushroom for 3 coins at Dry Dry Outpost. Then go to Koopa Village and get 2 Koopa Leaves. Then go to Tayce T. and give her a koopa leaf and a mushroom. It will make a Volt Shroom. Give her the volt shroom and the other Koopa leaf. It will make a Life Shroom!!

  • N64 | Submitted by WhiteTiger644

    Beat first 5 bosses easy

    Koopa Bros.: Buy two or three POW blocks and use them each time they get up. Use Kooper and make him use Power Shell and make Mario use Power Jump. If you run out of FP make Kooper use Shell Toss and Mario use jump. When one dies it gets easier. Also if you have spear money buy a fire flower. Those would really help. But you can beat them without it.
    Tutankoopa: Buy 4 Thunderbolts and use them ONLY on Tutankoopa and make Parakarry use Shell Shot until Tutankoopa dies. Don't attack the Chomp. There's no need because when you beat Tutankoopa the Chomp chases him away.
    Tubba Bubba: When you find his secret go to the windmill. If you run into Tubba Bubba himself run away because you won't stand a chance[I mean it]. When you get to the top of the tower you'll see his heart.Fight him and make sure you have at least one Thunderbolt. Have Lady Bow with you and let her use Smack. If Tubba Bubba's Heart powers up for his special attack let Lady Bow use Outta Sight. Keep using Jump or Power Jump or Hammer but I suggest Power Jump. After you almost beat him he'll run away. Coward. After you get out of the windmill you'll see Tubba Bubba and his heart and then they fuse together. Bum Bum BUMMMMM! NOT. He's weak as hell. One or two Power Jumps and he's dead. Probably because you beat his heart up. And that's it really
    General Guy: Get a few Thunderbolts[The kinds that hit all enemies] and use half your amount on his army. Make sure you have powered up Bombette and a Maple Syrup because
    you'll need it for Power Bomb. For general Guy use the rest of your Thunderbolts on him and use Power Bomb on the machine. Make sure if you don't have Thunderbolts then use all your attacks on the light bulb or you'll get killed[unless you lucky].
    Lava Piranha: Have with you four or five Snowmans. Have an ultra powered Sushie[Make sure it has Tital Wave] but use one Snowman and make Sushie use Bellyflop until you beat him. Or did you. You thought you did but he comes back with fire on him and on his bulb minions. Now here's the time where you use the rest of your Snowmans and use Sushie's Tital Wave. If you run out of Snowman's use Star Shower. Make sure you have the Ice Badge you got from Shy Guy's Toy Box. That would be affective against them.

  • N64 | Submitted by Jordan Nadler

    Magical Seeds

    The 4 magical seeds to get to Flower Feilds [Chapter 6] are in Forever Forest, Mt Rugged, Toad town, and in Jade Jungle

  • N64 | Submitted by Psyduck Trainer

    Tayce T and Unlimeted hearts

    Hey guys...everyone knows about the code where you run around those blue poles right? Well theres another way! Go to lavalava isle and go into the jungle and eventulaly you will find one of those plants. Keep on pressing A and they should give you hearts. And here are some good TAyce.T foods:
    Goomnut+Cake Mix= Nutty Cake
    Strange Leaf+ wacka's bump=deluxe feast
    and Ultra Shroom+Sweet Honey= Honeyshroom.
    Those are real good items.

  • N64 | Submitted by paper rod

    Easy Way to Level Up!

    O.K, in the koopa fortress or bowser's castle, you'll find these cannons that shoot out Bullet Bills, right?. Well, when you fight one, destroy bullet bills only (don't attack the cannons)and each time you destroy a bullet bill, you get 1 or 2 star points!!! when you get around 100 or so star points, attack the cannons and when you destroy them, you will receive all the points!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Neoevolution

    Free Ultra Shroom

    In Bowser's castle, in the princess's courtyard, just outside the inside of Peach's castle, carry Watt around. There will be a hidden block containing a Ultra Shroom! It's very useful to use when facing Bowser's second form.

  • N64 | Submitted by Whasp Commander

    Pipes to other towns

    To find a way to teleport to other towns, follow this:
    1)Go to the sewers (heal up before you go)
    2)On your left should be a Stone Block. Bang it open.
    3)Venture in: Watch out! There's a 40 HP Blooper in there. You have to battle it, then a switch appears. Hammer (or jump on) the switch to activate the pipes to Goomba Village, Koopa Village, and Dry Dry Outpost.
    3)If you have the Super Boots (from Ghost Mansion), you can set off a trapdoor. Battle the Koopas there (Watch out! They're tricky!)and a switch will present itself. Press this to open a pipe to Ghost Mansion.
    3)To your right (after you fall down the trapdoor), there's a dock. you can use Sushi (get him at Yoshi's Village, or Lavalava Island), to go off the right. You meet another challenge, and when you beat it, you will find a switch, which makes a pipe to Yoshi's Village.
    4)Other teleports are probably to be found in the sewers, as well as a few team mate powerups. (After small challenges.)

  • N64 | Submitted by kevin brodman

    Jelly Pop

    To get the jelly pop u need to bake a jammin jelly and cake mix and u will get a Jelly Pop.It is really good it recovers 64 flower power!

  • N64 | Submitted by Whasp Commander

    Toad Town Sewers

    To find a way to easily transport yourself to the other major cities, follow this:
    1)Get the SUPER HAMMER from the Dry Dry Ruins.
    2)Go to Toad Town. If you aren't at full strength, get full strength at Toad's House.
    Go to where Tayce T's house is (don't go in the house). Nearly exactly opposite from where the guard's house is (across the street) is a narrow road going west. go through it, and you should see a pipe. Go down this to reach the sewers.

  • N64 | Submitted by Fallen Angel

    Unlim Hearts on LavaLava island.

    An easy way to get hearts when theres no healing stuff around is look for the little plants that have a tentacle looking and talk to it from different angles and each time you do this it will give you a heart (OOOHHH shiny) and when they stop giving hearts leave the map square and come back. Watch out though some bite you if you talk to them.

  • N64 | Submitted by Joel Stevens

    Ultra Hammer Trick

    You don't need to use the boots anymore! Use the Ultra hammer on a pop-up tile and the tile will fly up, revealing a star piece!

  • N64 | Submitted by Paper Peach

    Battle Help

    In Dry Dry Outpost, there is an alleyway where Merlee's business is. Pay her a visit. You can pay her to watch her cards dance. When she is done making her cards dance, she will help you (sometimes) in battle. She can boost your attack or defense power for one turn, give you more coins when you win a battle, or double your amount of star points. But don't count on it in every battle. It appears at random.

  • N64 | Submitted by PaperMaster 64

    Go to Peach's room

    At beginning of the game, while you're in Princess Peach's room, there's a guard who is guarding Peach's room. talk to him 5 times and he'll let you in.

  • N64 | Submitted by hazel

    Secret No Need Badge

    This badge has no use whatsoever.
    First, you need to go to Dry Dry Ruins. Make it all the way to the room where you get a new hammer. Instead of falling all the way to the treasure chest, just fall to the ledge above it. Walk to mario's right(your left) against the wall. you will go through the wall at some point and find a treasure chest. it will contain(I'll let you know now 'cause I got pretty excited when I found it):
    Slow Go Badge
    0 FP Needed
    Looks like a greenish-blue skull
    It doesn't let you run.