Palworld might be getting dedicated Xbox servers sooner than you think

Palworld Anubis breeding
(Image credit: Pocketpair, Inc.)

Palworld could be getting dedicated servers sooner than expected for Xbox players, thanks to Tencent.

PR Times reports that Palworld developer Pocketpair has partnered with Tencent Cloud, a cloud gaming company owned by mega-published Tencent (thanks, Automaton Media). Tencent's cloud gaming company will play the role of creating dedicated servers for Palworld in the near future.

This means that Palworld might finally be getting dedicated multiplayer servers for its millions of Xbox players worldwide. Considering over 100,000 people a day are still playing Palworld two months after it originally launched in January, dedicated servers should provide big server stability boosts for all those players.

Right now, Palworld dedicated servers are only possible on the Steam version of the survival game for PC players, letting players set up private servers for 32 players in total to roam around and hunt creatures to their heart's content. The Tencent partnership could pave the way for Xbox dedicated servers.

Tencent Cloud claims in the PR Times report that Palworld players will be able to create dedicated servers in just three seconds, which is a pretty herculean feat. Tencent Cloud's operations will also be expanded beyond Japan, to US regions and South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, at some point soon. Right now, there's no mention of Tencent Cloud expanding to European shores. 

Keep in mind though that despite all this server business, Palworld still isn't technically an MMO. That's according to developer Pocketpair at least, because despite offering co-op and servers, like you'd expect of a standard MMO, Pocketpair still isn't big on calling the game an MMO.

Palworld's developer previously spent $478,000 on servers shortly after launch, to make sure the new survival game effectively never went down no matter what. The developer also joked that the move could potentially bankrupt the studio, so the Tencent Cloud partnership probably has many Pocketpair developers breathing a sigh of relief. 

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