All Oxenfree 2 endings and the choices you can make

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There are three main Oxenfree 2 endings that you can choose from when you make your final decision, but all your choices lead to different outcomes for the individual characters. With so many possibilities, I’ve played through Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals twice to try and learn as much as possible about all the game’s final outcomes. The ending mainly concerns Riley, Olivia, and Alex, but Jacob can also be an important part depending on some of your choices. The fates of other characters, such as Evelyn, Charlie, Violet, and Shelley are also in your hands, so here are all the Oxenfree 2 endings and outcomes and some tips on how to get them.

It should go without saying but here's a warning for massive Oxenfree 2 spoilers!

All Oxenfree 2 endings

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After finally arriving at Edwards Island and stopping Olivia from unleashing the Sunken on Camena, you’ll be presented with your final choice that determines your ending in Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals. In this scene, Ghost-Alex tells Riley that someone must stay behind in the void to prevent the destruction of reality. There are three possible options and each one has its own achievement/trophy tied to it:

  • Choose Riley: Riley goes through the portal. This means Olivia is sent back to reality and Alex and her friends are also freed from the void. Riley then jolts awake at the bus stop and goes on a hike with her son Rex, seemingly in a different version of Camena. While Riley has sacrificed her past life to be here, she seems to finally be happy living a life she wants with Rex. The game ends with Alex sending a box of items and a letter to Riley’s father.
  • Choose Olivia: Olivia goes through the portal, sending Riley back to reality and freeing Alex and her friends from the void. While Olivia’s outcome is unclear, we can assume that she’s happy in the void with her parents. Meanwhile, life goes on in Camena the next morning as though nothing had happened. Evelyn calls Riley to say she did a great job planting transmitters to study cuckoos and nothing at all about anomalous radio frequencies. Alex then stops to chat to Riley, saying her friends don’t remember the events of the first game and that everyone in Camena is safe. Jacob is also still in Camena but has a renewed sense of purpose as an artist. The game ends with Alex sending a box of items to Rex. This definitely seems to get you the “best” ending as pretty much everyone gets what they wanted.
  • Choose Jacob: This option is only available to you if you allow Jacob onto the boat to go to Edwards Island at the end of the game. By choosing Jacob, he goes through the portal and sends Riley, Olivia, and Alex and her friends back to reality in Camena. Since he can no longer take care of his dog Athena, that responsibility falls to Riley.

All Oxenfree 2 choices

Oxenfree 2 endings blue box of trinkets from Alex with pie chart showing outcomes for Olivia, Charlie, and Violet

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After seeing the Oxenfree 2 ending as a result of who you chose to stay behind and seal the portal, you’ll then get to look back on how your decisions throughout the game affected the other characters. These are presented in a box of trinkets sent to one of Riley’s relatives by Alex. Here are all the Oxenfree 2 choices and outcomes you can get for different characters:

  • Olivia: There are three outcomes for Olivia based on how you treat her. You can alienate her, befriend her, or send her through the portal. Being friendly at every opportunity or as antagonistic as possible will allow you to befriend or alienate her respectively.
  • Jacob: There are six different outcomes for Jacob based on how Riley behaves towards him. You can befriend or alienate him, and towards the end, you’ll also need to choose if you let him on the boat to Edwards Island or persuade him to stay behind. If Riley goes through the portal, she never sees him again, but you still find out through Alex’s box that he goes on to become an artist. If you choose Olivia instead, Riley and Jacob both see each other again in Camena and remember the spooky events of the night.
  • Olivia, Charlie, and Violet: There are eight different outcomes for the three teenagers that are largely based around whether you befriend them and whether you send Olivia through the portal. To befriend any of them, choose the least aggressive and most empathetic dialogue responses. They won’t seem as though they like Riley, but they will at least recognize that she was nice to them. For example, in one playthrough I befriended both Charlie and Violet, then sent Riley through the portal. In doing this, Olivia left Camena and lost them both as friends as they grew to resent what she put them through.
  • Evelyn: You can either help or not help Evelyn return home. Make sure you keep checking in with her throughout the game and you’ll see that she gradually becomes more stressed as the night goes on, especially as she’s lost contact with her sister. Tell her to prioritize her family and she’ll head home after you plant the final Oxenfree 2 transmitter.
  • Maria: You can either help or not help the chatty Camena High radio host express her feelings for Charlie honestly. Listen to her show on the radio (tune into 88.1) early in the game to unlock her as a walkie contact, then speak to her soon after for advice. Make sure you keep checking in with her every so often to progress her story.
  • Shelley: You can either save Shelley’s life or not. If you’ve been chatting to the park ranger throughout the night, head to the parking lot next to the harbor and you should hear a phone ringing. Answer it and you can either heed the mysterious warning and tell Shelley to stay in her station or tell her it’s fine to go outside.
  • Nick: Amateur sailor Nick can be told to go through the portal or sail home. All you need to do is regularly check in with Nick over the walkie-talkie. He’ll eventually ask Riley about a portal, and you can either tell him how to go through it or tell him to avoid it.
  • Hank: Help Hank by giving him a time tear photo and the shoe from the beach cave. Get the shoe by completing the Oxenfree 2 Horseshoe Beach riddles and take a photo of the man in the time tear in 1930.

It’s possible to miss a lot of these outcomes altogether, usually through not contacting the person often enough or even at all. If you want to get as many of these choices as possible, you need to frequently check all your walkie contacts and occasionally tune through the radio frequencies for anything new. Also be sure to check your map and notebook for any side activities and notes that might help you build your relationships with these characters.

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