Overwatch 2 Ramattra tips, tricks and how to use his abilities

Overwatch Ramattra
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To get the best from the new Overwatch 2 Ramattra character, you’re going to need a keen understanding of his abilities to survive. If you can master what he brings to the table then you can succeed with one of the more cerebral heroes out of the Overwatch 2 characters and roles on offer.

Taking up the mantle of Ramattra also gives you the chance to step into the shoes of one of Overwatch’s main antagonists. As the leader of Null Sector, he’s a ruthless leader of the Omnic race, and that’s a fury you can tap into through his unique playstyle.

With Overwatch 2 switching to 5v5 and cutting one tank to the line-up, Ramattra decided to go about and fill both roles himself as he comes in two different forms. He functions quite unlike most other tanks, as you control when to engage as a hulking brute or a ranged poker, but choosing when to transform and when to remain in his base form will be key to your success.

Here’s everything you need to know about playing Ramattra in Overwatch 2, and bring glory to you and your team. 

Who is the Ramattra voice actor? 

Before we get into how to best utilise Ramattra, let’s jump into one of the best things about playing him - the exceptional voice performance at his center. If he sounds familiar, that’s likely because you have heard voice actor Ramon Tikaram’s work before.

Tikaram has been credited in over 100 films, TV shows and games. Most gamers will likely know him as fan-favorite Dragon Age: Inquisition companion Dorian Grey, but he is also the voice of Aatrox in League of Legends and most recently, Goddrick in Elden Ring. 

Best Ramattra Strategy 

Overwatch Ramattra

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Ramattra is a bit of an all-rounder tank in Overwatch 2. While most others in the role are trying to generally fit a niche, he’s a character that’s trying to cover several aspects of the game in one. His entire flow is centered around his ability to transform into his Nemesis Form, switching from a poke character to a melee brawler.

Ramattra should act as an anchor for his team, and is especially powerful on the point, especially when he has his Nemesis Form up, or even better, his Ultimate. While he can struggle to take space at times, he is very good at holding it. His Annihilation ultimate will grind out team fights and if you use it on an objective, teams only have two options - kill you or give up space as you will otherwise grind out a win with area of effect damage.

One thing to be mindful of is that you really must be careful when his Nemesis Form is on cooldown. He has a fragile 450 health when not in Nemesis Form, so be aware of what you’re up against. You will have to play very carefully around high-damage tanks like Roadhog who can hook him out of position. To succeed with Ramattra, you will have to be very aware of your surroundings and cooldowns, meaning you might have to be more conscientious than when playing other tanks.   

 Ramattra Primary Fire - Void Accelerator 

Overwatch Ramattra

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Description: A beam of projectiles that moves in a straight line

The Void Accelerator is Ramattra’s primary fire, and it’s a fairly unique weapon in Overwatch. The tank will fire the beam out of his staff in a straight line. In terms of reference, it’s a little like Symmetra’s beam, though less consistent. It’s good for doing ranged poking damage, especially when you don’t have Nemesis Form available or the other team is keeping their distance. 

  • If you are in Ramattra’s standard form, feel free to fire this constantly as there’s no real downside during downtime, especially as the reload is very short.
  • The beam can hit critical hits and has no fall-off. This means, if you can see an enemy, no matter how far away they are, you can do damage. That said, it’s most effective at close to mid-range where you can track properly. 

Ramattra Secondary Fire - Void Barrier 

Overwatch Ramattra

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Description: Create a temporary barrier at a location

Ramattra’s Void Barrier is his primary defensive ability, especially out of his Nemesis Form. All you have to do is hit your alternate fire, place the barrier on the ground and it will raise. The barrier is very strong and versatile, but only lasts four seconds, so requires great timing and should largely be used for blocking specific abilities rather than general use.

  • Due to the short duration of the ability, only use it when you need it, especially as it has a long cool down. Use it to give yourself an opening to take space. 
  • At 1000 health, the shield will block a lot. It’s not invulnerable, but there also isn’t a lot in the game that’s going to break it in four seconds, especially if used to block one hero

Ramattra Ability 1 - Nemesis Form 

Overwatch Ramattra

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Description: Ramattra transforms into a bulkier form that also changes his abilities to a melee primary fire and a block 

Ramattra’s signature Nemesis Form is the lynchpin of what makes him unique. When activated, he changes form, from a poking ranged tank to a brawling, hulk-like figure. In this form, his primary fire is changed to ranged punches. On top of that, his Void Barrier is replaced by him placing his arms in front of his face to block, reducing front-facing damage by 75%. He also gets 150 extra armor in this form making him more capable of taking damage (though he is also easier to hit.)

  • Ramattra’s Pummel punches do piercing damage. They even go through barriers and hit anyone standing in front and at the back of their range. 
  • Ramattra’s block is not on a cooldown, meaning you can use it whenever you need, so don’t worry about saving it. 
  • For a little technique, on 200hp targets, it takes four punches to kill. However, you can take this down to three if you throw in a quick melee at the end of the third punch. 

Ramattra Ultimate - Annihilation 

Overwatch Ramattra

(Image credit: Activision)

Description: You enter Nemesis Form and create a damaging aura around yourself

Rammatra’s Ultimate is a powerful tool for taking space and making your enemy give up their position. While the damage on the aura is not massive, the longer a fight goes on, the more of an impact it will have. This Ultimate is unique as it can last indefinitely as its timer is very short, but it pauses whenever it is attached to an enemy. 

  • This is an excellent ability to finish a game off. If used on an objective that the enemy needs to touch in Overtime, it becomes very hard for the enemy to win.
  • String your Nemesis Form ability into your Ultimate. Wait until your Nemesis Form runs out, then Ultimate to remain in Nemesis Form for the maximum amount of time.
  • Do not use the Ultimate until you are engaged in a fight. If enemies are out of range or can escape from you, it will fizzle out very quickly and it will be entirely wasted. 
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