Overwatch 2 error codes, what they mean, and how to fix them

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Overwatch 2 error codes can prevent you from logging in to play the game and launch day troubles are causing persistent problems for players, but you’ll need to be patient. While things have improved since the first few hours of Overwatch 2’s release, the effects of overwhelmed servers, two Overwatch 2 DDoS attacks, and numerous bugs have meant a lot of players are still struggling to log in to the hero shooter sequel. If Overwatch 2 error codes are causing you some problems, here are some possible fixes and solutions.

We suggest checking in on this Known Issues bug report which has some updates on how the Overwatch 2 servers and other issues are being fixed.

General Overwatch 2 error code fixes

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Since Overwatch 2 has only just launched, there are some severe server issues, and players are finding lots of different error codes that are preventing them from logging into the game. We’ve provided potential causes and fixes for these individual error codes below, but a lot of them are very similar, so here’s a quick list of solutions in no specific order that might help you out:

  • Make sure Overwatch 2 SMS protect is set up on your Battle.net account – this is required to play Overwatch 2 if you are a new player.
  • Check that your own internet connection is working and stable.
  • If you’re playing Overwatch 2 on an Xbox or PlayStation, check the service status of the Xbox network or PlayStation Network.
  • If you’re playing Overwatch 2 on an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, make sure you have properly merged your console account with your own Battle.net account.
  • Check the Overwatch 2 social platforms or Blizzard Customer Service Twitter pages for maintenance periods, known issues, or server outages.
  • Close and restart Overwatch 2
  • Fully turn your PC or console off and back on
  • Be patient! Issues will take time to resolve, and if the issue is not on your end, then you can only wait.

Overwatch 2 game server connection failed

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This one’s plain and simple – you failed to connect to an Overwatch 2 server, although this isn’t necessarily your own fault. As well as overloaded servers, the Overwatch 2 team has faced two Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks shortly after launch that severely affected the servers and prevented players from accessing the game.

As the player count has subsided and the DDoS attacks have ended, server stability and access has improved, so failing to connect to a game server should be happening much less often now.

We suspect that this Overwatch 2 error message will appear for any future instances of server downtime, whether that’s from unplanned server outages or intentional maintenance periods by Blizzard.

Overwatch 2 queue with 0 players ahead

As with the previous error message, this Overwatch 2 error is also a result of the overloaded servers and DDoS attacks on launch day. Players should find themselves stuck at queues of zero players much less often now, but you likely still need to queue to enter the game, particularly at peak times.

Overwatch 2 unexpected server error

Blizzard is aware of an issue that is causing some Overwatch 2 players that merged their console and PC accounts to receive an error message about an “Unexpected Server Error”. This is especially annoying for players that set up cross-progression by merging their accounts to keep all their unlocks and stats, but a fix is being worked on. If this issue is affecting you now, we advise that you try logging in to Overwatch 2 every so often to see if the issue has been fixed, otherwise you’ll just need to wait.

Cross-progression and account merging not working in Overwatch 2

Players are also experiencing issues with Overwatch 2 cross-progression and account merging, leading to progress not being carried over and accounts seemingly getting reset. Blizzard is aware of the issue and is working on a solution but assures players that none of their data has been lost. The issue appears to be largely due to two things: incomplete account merging, which is made worse by a bug that sometimes prevents an account merging menu option from appearing, and a slow migration process. Once you’ve completed the account merging process, you will eventually get all your Overwatch 1 unlock on your Overwatch 2 profile.

Overwatch 2 Xbox achievements disconnecting bug

There appears to be a bug in Overwatch 2 that causes Xbox players to get disconnected from the server because their “profile was signed out” whenever they complete an Achievement. This appears to be specific to Xbox Achievements and does not happen for Battle.net achievements or PlayStation Trophies. Hopefully this gets fixed soon as you often have to go through another queue of players to re-enter the game whenever you get disconnected.

Overwatch 2 LC-202 and LC-208, disconnected from game server

Overwatch 2 error code message

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Overwatch 2 Hero changes

Overwatch 2

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If you still can't get into the game, why not check out all the Overwatch 2 Hero changes to see what's happened to your main

These Overwatch 2 error codes can appear whenever you are disconnected from the game servers, with LC-208 seemingly being a console-specific error code. These error codes are currently very common for players, which is likely due to server stability issues on launch day and beyond.

The error could also be due to your own internet connection dropping out, an issue with your PC, or your console’s network having some issues. Try to get your internet back online by turning your router off and on again or contact your service provider if the issue is severe. If it’s PlayStation Network or Xbox network causing the issue, you’ll just have to be patient while it gets sorted out. We advise checking your console network’s service status to see if it is the cause of the issue.

Blizzard’s own support article for this error codes also suggests it might be due to not having a BattleTag – your username for any games on Battle.net – on your Battle.net account. If you are playing Overwatch 2 on console, make sure your Battle.net account is linked with your console account properly and that you have a suitable BattleTag. You can learn all about Overwatch 2 account merging and cross-progression here.

Overwatch 2 BC-153, unable to log you in

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Overwatch 2 error code BC-153 is just caused by failing to log in, most likely due to a connection issue, and it can often occur after one of the other error codes, such as LC-202 mentioned below. Since Overwatch 2 has only just launched, this error code is almost certainly appearing for a lot of players due to server issues, although it should be occurring far less frequently now that server stability is improving.

If the issue persists, check for any scheduled Overwatch 2 server maintenance, unintended server downtime, or other issues through the Overwatch social media pages, check your own connection, and check your console network’s service status. If the issue is not due to your own internet connection, you’ll just have to wait for Blizzard or your console network to fix their problems.

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