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Outriders players are stopping their teammates from getting their loot

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Outriders players are kicking their teammates from lobbies in an attempt to deny them end-game loot.

As first reported by Eurogamer, a number of players are complaining that they've completed an endgame 'Expeditions' mission, only to be kicked from their parties before they can access the reward. In response to an official Square Enix thread on the game's subreddit, user FancyTangerine3312 said that they had "joined in early on an expedition, helped this guy all the way to the end and right before we opened the drop pod he kicked me." A clip from another user, TxDieselKid, showed the interaction as it appears to the player.

After defeating an Expedition's final encounter, there's a brief window in which players have to travel to access their reward from one of those aforementioned Drop Pods. Once activated, it'll give you your loot, but if you're kicked from the group during that downtime, you'll get nothing.

This kind of behaviour is frustrating enough as it is, but what makes it worse is that there's no benefit to the party leader, who doesn't get access to the loot earned by other members of the group. It's also not possible to invite anyone else to hoover up the rewards in the late stages of an expedition, so kicking a player before they get their loot is a purely selfish act.

The Outriders community has been discussing how the behavior can be curbed. FancyTangerine suggests removing the option to kick a player after the last expedition, similar to the way in which it's not possible to add players to a group that late in the game, but there's been no word from developer People Can Fly addressing the issue. It's worth noting that this isn't the only time the Kick Player function has come under scrutiny, as some players complained that they were being booted out of parties before they even started playing due to their choice of class.

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