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Outriders devs considering "big expansion packs" but want to avoid "game as a service monetization"

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Developer People Can Fly is looking at ways to support Outriders after launch, and it's focusing on "big expansion packs" that avoid the "game as a service monetization" which drip-feeds content. 

We spoke with creative director Bartosz Kmita and lead game designer Piotr Nowakowski last year, and their comments have only become more relevant since the game's release. Outriders launched to such demand that its servers were swamped for several days, so there's a pretty clear appetite for the game. Kmita previously told us that People Can Fly has always hoped to support the game after launch in a way that suits players and the studio, and that it would base its post-launch plans on the response to the game. 

"We would love to make more adventures, more things for the franchise, more things for the planet," Kmita said. "We spent a lot of time creating the very deep lore for this game, so it would be awesome to continue this adventure. But this is of course up to players. If they like the game, if they enjoy the game, they want to stay with it. That doesn't mean we are doing the game as a service style of monetization. But that doesn't mean we will just abandon the game after it's out. There are multiple options that we can use to support the game to give people content, give people things to do, without using the game as a service monetization. 

"Let's take for example, the major game we took inspiration from, Diablo," he continued. "Diablo wasn't a game as a service. They just released the big expansion packs. They were doing it in a different style. Maybe we'll go that way, or even do some other things. But for sure, we will not abandon the game if players like it." 

"We have huge hopes for this title," Nowakowski added. "We are prepared for a few variants depending on what players would like. We can adjust and find something that's interesting for the players and also interesting for us." 

Kmita reinforced these plans in a recent interview with Forbes, affirming that People Can Fly is really only interested in "significant expansions with self-contained stories." Naturally, the studio hasn't announced any concrete DLC plans just yet, but it's clearly settled on a direction for post-launch content. 

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