Original Star Wars script confirms Han Solo definitely shot first

Many a Star Wars fan took issue with George Lucas' alterations to the original trilogy, and no revision has been more controversial than the change made to the confrontation between Han Solo and Greedo. While the original had Harrison Ford's lovable rogue shoot first, the revised version had Han shoot Greedo to defend himself. Since then, whether #HanShotFirst has been fiercely debated by fans, but some new information could end the discussion once and for all.

Last month Peter Mayhew - better known to Star Wars fans as Chewbacca - announced that he'd be tweeting pages from the original Star Wars script, and his latest tweet reveals that Han definitely shot first. Check it out below...

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It doesn't get much more definitive than Chewie himself saying "Han shot first. Period", so with any luck we can finally put this debate to rest. Given that it's the revised films that are officially canon however, it will be interesting to see how Phil Lord and Chris Miller approach the scene in their 2018 Han Solo anthology film. Make it right again guys!

Images: Lucasfilm/Peter Mayhew

Amon Warmann

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