One Bond is not enough

Sir Sean Connery is apparently up for making a return to the James Bond franchise, possibly playing 007's dad. Digital Spy reported that Connery, who hasn't made a film since 2003 stinker The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , would be happy to come back to the franchise that made his name - as long as certain financial conditions were met.

"I am resting from acting - so you could say I'm retired," Sir Sean said. "It would have to be something really considerable to bring me back. It would have to be an offer that you can't refuse. If there was a good part in a Bond film, I'd certainly look at it.

"I would never return as James Bond. If the part was well written, I could come back as Bond's father but it would cost them. It would definitely cost them."

Unfortunately for Connery, the problems with his suggestion stretch beyond the financial. Firstly, he's already Indiana Jones's dad, and surely being father to two screen icons is too much for one man to handle, whether or not he signs up for Indy IV. Even more awkward is the fact that both Fleming's novels and the long-running film series describe Bond as an orphan - it's going to take one hell of a retcon to crowbar a father figure into the Casino Royale follow-up.

Still, we'd welcome any chance to see Mr Connery back on screen again - frankly it would be tragic if his last film turned out to be LXG .