Observant The Last of Us 2 fan discovers small differences between Ellie and Abby’s Scar encounters

The Last of Us 2
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An observant The Last of Us 2 fan has shared a subtle detail found in the game which gives a little more context to Abby’s backstory. 

Originally shared in the series' subreddit, one fan detailed a small subtitle change that they had picked up whilst watching their friend play through the game for the first time - one that they say they didn’t pick up on themselves during their three playthroughs. 

Whilst playing as Ellie in The Last of Us 2, those who play the game with subtitles on, will notice that when Ellie encounters a group of Scars, the subtitles will read things like “**strange whistle**” or “**high pitched whistle**”. When playing as Abby, however, the subtitles will instead refer to more specific types of whistle, for example “**calling whistle**” or “**danger whistle**” 

This small and usually-unnoticed detail gives more context to Abby’s WLF background - the organisation has been at war with the Scars for a while before the events of The Last of Us 2 - and gives an insight into the training the ex-Firefly must have endured upon joining the Washington Liberation Front. 

It also makes sense as to why Ellie can only interpret the whistles as basic sounds as this is the first time she would have encountered the group as she is based in Jackson County, Wyoming - which is a few states away from Seattle, Washington.

Although it's coming up to a year since The Last of Us 2’s release, fans keep finding small details like this during their multiple playthroughs. This includes a small reference to fellow Naughty Dog game Uncharted 4, a mostly hidden Easter Egg from TV show Supernatural, and even a lesser-known ammo saving trick when playing as Ellie. 

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