Now is the perfect time to try the Razer Anzu smart glasses

Razer Anzu smart glasses
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If you've ever been curious about the world of smart glasses, or gaming glasses, then this deal on Razer's Anzu model might just be the best time jump in, give it a go and see what the fuss is about. You'll find these lenses for just $48.96 right now - that's $151 off the full $199.99 MSRP. 

'Smart glasses' is a relatively loose term and somewhat interchangeable with 'gaming glasses' but the Anzu houses things that can fall under both umbrella term.  There are blue light filtering lenses (which cater to the gaming glasses element), but you're also treated to speakers and a mic built into the sides as well, which mean its a fully functional Bluetooth audio device (and thus, 'smart' glasses).

It's a neat proposition but a lot of the time the price gets in the way of any curiosity. But not today! While technically the lowest ever price on the Anzu was $47.88 (and that was really recently, so it might return), today's price is basically as good as it gets and is still well within impulse purchase territory. For most of this year, the Razer Anzu glasses have been north of the $60-mark and often higher than that, at $70 or $80 so this really is the best time to snap them up.

I tried these out for a small while once, and while the slightly heavy and bulky design and the tinny, bulbous speakers mean they won't replace your headphones, they could be something perfect for you if you need some strain taken off your eyes while gaming or working at a screen. I did take issue with that $200 MSRP, though.

Razer Anzu smart glasses | $199.99 $48.96 at Amazon
Save $151

Razer Anzu smart glasses | $199.99 $48.96 at Amazon
Save $151 - An enormous saving that sees more than three-quarters of the price tag just disappear... If you've ever wondered what smart glasses or gaming glasses are like, then this is a risk-free way of investigating that world, and by getting some nice Razer gear in the process.

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