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Nomura confirms Parasite Eve 1 and 2 for PSN

First, we need you seated. Done? Ok, we have an announcement of an announcement for you: the upcoming PSP action RPG The 3rd Birthday’stwo predecessors, Parasite Eve 1 and 2, will get a rerelease on PSN. Series designer and lead artist Tetsuya Nomura said so. All right, you’re free to back flip with joy... for a second.

We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves - a lot of games that make it to PSN in Japan don't make it out in North America or Europe. Our fingers are crossed that these ones do.

The gang atAndriasang(that rhymed! Snappy!) unearthed a Twitter post from the Square-Enix designer that outed news on the oft-teased digital release of the cinematic RPGs. No official release date was given, but the tweet did mention that an official announcement is forthcoming.

This is no doubt connected with the impending release of the PSP third-person shooter The 3rd Birthday, which is the third installment of the series. It’s set to be released in December in Japan and Q1 2011 in North America.

Oct 21, 2010

The written word, made more betterer by gameification

It’s got snow and angry blonde women. Boom.

Videogame girls treated with dignity and respect? What an idea