Nolan North hosts Uncharted reunion with cast members and director Amy Hennig

Nathan Drake actor Nolan North and a group of castmembers from the Uncharted series reunited via livestream Thursday afternoon. For obvious reasons, the chat took place over a conference call where everyone could participate from their homes.

Speaking in character names, those present included the intrepid hero Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, Victor "Sully" Sullivan, Chloe Frazer, Charlie Cutter, and Atoq Navarro. Amy Hennig, writer and director behind the first three Uncharted games, was also a major part of the event and as always, a great source of behind-the-scenes insights.

Now that the future of the Uncharted series rests mostly in the uncertain hands of the Uncharted movie, it was refreshing seeing so much of the cast back together (well, sort-of). Emily Rose (Elena Fisher) even seemed to dress the part, right down to the hairstyle and wardrobe.

The roughly-one hour stream saw the whole crew take part in nostalgia-dripped reminiscing; sharing stories from development, randomly pulling up behind-the-scenes pictures and sharing them across the screen, and casually bantering. North makes for a great host and lets the conversation flow naturally, but everyone in the stream got plenty of time to share their Uncharted experiences.

North hosted the event on his Retro Replay YouTube channel, which features a revolving cast of Uncharted alumni and other industry workers. Up until very recently, the show was co-hosted by Troy Baker, who plays Joel in The Last of Us. At the end of the stream, North announced that the "definitive" playthrough of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception would be his next big gaming project.

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Jordan Gerblick

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