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No Man's Sky Beyond launch hampered by bugs and console crashes, but fixes are on the way

(Image credit: Hello Games)

The highly-anticipated No Man's Sky Beyond update ran into some serious problems almost immediately after its launch. Players reported a litany of bugs including crashing consoles, inaccessible game saves, and unreachable storage containers. 

As of late afternoon on August 15, Hello Games has issued one major patch (2.04) for consoles that addressed crashing problems, and two patches for PC (2.05 and 2.06). The 2.05 patch notes address the following issues:

  • Fix for crashes occurring in the Space Anomaly. 
  • Fixed a number of issues causing some players to experience low framerate after visiting the Space Anomaly. 
  • Fixed a rendering related crash.
  • Fixed an out of memory crash.
  • Fixed and issue that could cause a crash when manipulating inventory in close proximity to a high number of players.
  • Fixed a crash affecting VR with supersampling enabled.
  • Fixed a situation where network connectivity issues could prevent players from speaking to NPCs aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • Fixed an issue where storage containers could not be accessed.
  • Fixed a crash affecting unsupported VR hardware.

The 2.06 patch notes address these problems: 

  • Fix for instance rendering crash.
  • Added improved warnings for GPU issues.
  • Added improved warnings for Vulkan driver support.
  • Fix for incorrect fullscreen or max size on 4k/scaled displays.
  • Fix for uninitialized render buffer returned from API.
  • Fix for crash when incorrect number of freighters spawn.
  • Fix for crash when disconnecting from Multiplayer in UI.
  • Fix for crash on controller remapping screen.

According to Hello Games, the fixes in patches 2.05 and 2.06 will be rolled out to other platforms "as soon as possible," which isn't great news for console players looking forward to testing out the game's new social hub, the Space Anomaly.

No Man's Sky Beyond is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 (if you can get it work).

For a full briefing on what the No Man's Sky Beyond update offers, check out No Man's Sky Beyond is No Man's Sky 2 in all but name.  

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