Nintendo Switch accessories leak includes fight stick, LAN adaptor and Zelda: Breath of the Wild release date

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Another day closer to the Nintendo Switch live stream , another set of leaks. This time, courtesy of DroidXAce on Twitter, we've got a slew of images of officially licensed accessories from peripheral firm Hori. While it's nice to see stacks of support for the Switch, what's more interesting is the date on the Zelda: Breath of the Wild skin set. The below image states March, supporting current rumours about the Breath of the Wild release date. It could be that the skin set will be out before the game but that's not normally the case. 

In terms of other accessories, the addition of a fight stick to the line up must mean we're getting at least one fighting game and there's also the not insignificant mention of a LAN adaptor. Does this mean the Switch is too thin to have an ethernet port included? It's unclear what the other end of the adaptor plugs into. Also leaked is the usual line up of snap-on cases for protection, a play stand to keep the Switch upright when you're out and about and a Hori made pro controller. Check them all out in the gallery below. 

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We'll have all the news from the Nintendo Switch live stream Thursday 8pm PT/ Friday 4am GMT. Presumably we'll be getting a price and a look at some more launch games. Two more sleeps, UK people and one more for those in the US. 

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