Nintendo mistakes 'colors' for 'value,' no price drop for Wii

Wii purchasers can expect nothing special beyond some new software and different colored consoles this holiday season, but Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime is confident that consumers will continue to flock to the Wii despite Nintendo President Satoru Iwata promising no price cut for the foreseeable future.

The most recent changes to the console have been new black and red versions, and the addition of a Netflix app. That'll do it, apparently - Fils-Aime says that Nintendo is "giving consumers the best value this holiday season than they've ever had,” leaving many asking, “How exactly?”

This comes amid a Japanese poll which suggests the 3DS may be too expensive, and Nintendo's profits beginning to slide. No one we know ofhas really been clamoring for a Wii price drop, but as for what the “best value” on the market is, consumers will vote with their wallets.

Hint: It might not be the Wii.

Above: Even if it is red

Nov 1, 2010