Nier: Automata director teases third main-series game by dunking on its publisher

Nier Automata
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Nier's series director has potentially teased a third game in the action-RPG saga.

As first reported by Eurogamer, a Nier concert took place in London over the past weekend, and according to those in attendance, series creative lead Yoko Taro made a special appearance towards the end of the concert. Taro apparently let the audience know that Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu was in attendance, and to cheer loudly if they wanted a sequel to Nier Auomata.

"The room immediately erupted into claps, cheers and yells," according to the person in attendance. This isn't confirmation of an actual sequel to Nier Automata, which recently surpassed eight million copies sold since launch, but it is a good indication of just how badly folk want the sequel to happen. And hey, it sends a pretty clear message to Square Enix's president himself.

Elsewhere in the concert, the word "Repent" was apparently shown as part of on-screen dialog (Nier's orchestral concerts play a montage of in-game footage behind the orchestra). This was apparently spelled as "R3pent" though, replacing one 'E' with a '3,' which has been taken as a further teaser of a third Nier game being in the works. 

Back in November, Taro said the Nier series would continue for as long as he is alive, which is an encouraging sign. Despite this though, the Nier Reincarnation mobile game is going offline next month in March, just two and a half years after it launched, and earlier this month, Reuters reported that Tencent had cancelled an unannounced Nier mobile game. Despite this, perhaps there's still hope for another new mainline Nier game in the near future.

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