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PlayStation State of Play Live Coverage - All the PS5 and PSVR 2 news as it happens

Join us as we cover the PlayStation State of Play live

The blue glow of the PS5 in the dark
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And that's a wrap folks on the PlayStation State of Play, so let's recap the biggest bits:


For everything else, here's everything announced at the Sony State of Play for June 2022



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We're here and live covering Sony's latest State of Play. We're around two hours out from the whole thing kicking off at 3PM PST / 6PM EDT / 11PM ET today so let's have a little recap about what we hope we're going to see from this 30-minute PS5 and PSVR 2 showcase. 

Sony has said the show will be "nearly" 30 minutes of announcements and updates. While it hasn't mentioned specific titles that will appear, it has clarified that it will be focused on "third-party partners" along with "several" titles in development for the upcoming PSVR 2. 

With all that in mind, here are our Sony State of Play predictions

So, let's start with the angry Norse elephant in the room. The fact it is third-party developer-focused means that we're probably not going to see God of War: Ragnarok. Currently in development at Sony Santa Monica, and very much a first-party title, it seems very unlikely that it'll make a surprise appearance here. 

However, we are overdue for some kind of update on the title. It's still due out in 2022, but we've heard nothing about the game beyond some awesome new accessibility features since the last major PlayStation Showcase back in September last year. 

It may be that God of War: Ragnarok instead gets its own dedicated State of Play in the near future, as Sony has done with titles like Horizon Forbidden West, Hogwarts Legacy, and Gran Turismo 7.

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

Unfortunately, that third-party focus also means we're unlikely to see Marvel's Spider-Man 2. However, with it pegged for a 2023 release date that doesn't feel too surprising. 

We've only seen a brief teaser trailer for the PS5 exclusive game so far, which confirms it'll continue on the journey of the duo of Spider-Men - Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Venom is at least one of the enemies that you'll be taking on too. 

Check out the Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer below:

Finally, the other confirmed first-party PlayStation title that definitely won't make an appearance is Marvel's Wolverine from Insomniac. Teased at that September 2021 PlayStation Showcase along with Marvel's Spider-Man 2, any info beyond the below short trailer is scarce. No release date window, but a suggestion that Wolverine's journey is going to take him to Madripoor from the fact he's literally in the Princess Bar in the trailer.


Set your watches, there's just 90 minutes to go until the State of Play kicks off!

Okay, so we've got the (almost) definite no-shows ticked off, so what could we see at today's PlayStation State of Play?

Well, with the game scheduled for a vague 'Holiday 2022' release date, we could well see a little more of Hogwarts Legacy - developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy

(Image credit: WB Games)

We did recently get a dedicated Hogwarts Legacy State of Play though, so that may well mean it's a little too soon for more info on our enrolment into the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, we're crossing our wands there's a little tease of that elusive release date here. 

And if you missed it, check out the lengthy Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer.

Final Fantasy 16

(Image credit: Square Enix)

One of the more established State of Play rumors is that a fresh trailer for Final Fantasy 16 is going to debut. The game's producer last month said that the final Final Fantasy 16 trailer is "done" and the game is nearly finished, which makes a reveal for it today feel additional likely. 

The game currently doesn't have a release date or even launch window, so perhaps this next trailer could help narrow down exactly when we'll be off adventuring again.

Street Fighter 6

(Image credit: Capcom)

Another rumor for today's showcase is further details on Street Fighter 6. Capcom officially announced the game back in February, with a short cinematic trailer that featured Ryu and Luke along with the game's new logo. Aside from that, we have very few details, particularly around a release date and platforms - which is especially interesting if it's not a PlayStation exclusive, as was the case with Street Fighter 5. 


Counting down the minutes to the State of Play kick-off, and there are just 60 of them left.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

(Image credit: Activision)

Announced just last week, Activision has teased that there will be more information soon on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, with the first - albeit CGI - Modern Warfare 2 trailer dropping just a few hours ago along with confirmation with a full reveal on June 8, then it's looking unlikely that we'll see more in today's State of Play. 

Of course, there could also be more details on Warzone 2, which is the next iteration of Activision's free-to-play battle royale. It's another title that has very few confirmed details, so anything fresh on that would be an exciting update. 

There are also rumors that there will be a PSVR 2 Modern Warfare 2 experience, which would be a great fit for this State of Play. What exactly that could be is anyone's guess, but we're intrigued nonetheless. 


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PlayStation State of Play events are also known to feature exciting reveals and updates on new indie games dropping on PlayStation platforms in the months and years ahead. Little Devil Inside, for example, has exclusively dropped development updates via Sony showcases, so it could be that we finally get a release date for that. Tchia is another Sony favourite, although that recently got delayed into 2023. We're also still waiting for the release date for Stray, the adorable PlayStation exclusive indie where you play as a cat, so that may well paw its way into today's line-up. Otherwise, we'd expect at least one brand new indie reveal for this event. 


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What about PSVR 2 then? With Sony confirming that this State of Play will feature "sneak peeks" at several PSVR 2 games, could this be the beginning of the launch line-up for Sony's next virtual reality headset?

Although we don't know when the PSVR 2 will be launched, we do know that it'll be quite the upgrade on the original PSVR. It'll feature 4K HDR visuals across two 2000 x 2040 OLED displays, which is four times the resolution of the original headset. That's combined with a 110-degree field of view, new lenses, and eye-tracking that can detect your eye movements and adjust the focus and resolution accordingly. The headset also features built-in vibrations for additional feedback, and it's all powered and run through a single cable. 


(Image credit: SIE)

The controllers are getting an upgrade too, with the new ergonomic 'orb' design mimicking those found with the Quest series of headsets. They feature the same adaptive trigger and haptic feedback tech as the PS5 Dualsense, precision tracking and finger touch detection, action buttons, and analog sticks. 

Although it seems this State of Play will focus on the games rather than the hardware, we'd love to get a sense of whether we should expect the headset to drop this year or next.


30-minute warning klaxon! You chosen your snacks yet?

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Horizon: Call the Mountain is not only the only confirmed first-party game for PSVR 2 so far, but also the only game confirmed to feature in today's showcase! In development at the newly acquired Firesprite, in partnership with Guerrilla Games, this is a brand new Horizon adventure. Although you will meet Aloy on this journey, you'll be playing as an entirely new character for this one. There's been a teaser trailer so far, which you can watch a new snippet of in the tweet above, but other than that it's an alluring mystery. But not for much longer!


Time to get comfy because there are just 15 minutes left to go until today's State of Play!

Among Us

(Image credit: Innersloth)

In terms of other studios confirmed to be working on PSVR 2 titles, and other announced games, there are a few. Myst developer Cyan World is working on a title called Firmament. Originally scheduled for launch on the original PSVR, it's now been shifted to PSVR 2 instead. The same thing is happening with Among US VR as well, with development shifting to Sony's latest headset. 

We also know that developers Coatsink, nDreams and First Contact Entertainment are all working on PSVR 2 titles, which may well get their reveals in today's showcase. 

Couple rumors ahead of the show have popped up. One being Sackboy: A Big Adventure coming to PC, and the other being Horizon Forbidden West getting a New Game+ and Ultra Hard mode.


Okay, here we go, the PlayStation State of Play is starting now on Twitch and YouTube

March 24, 2023

Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake and it's coming out next year

It looks freaking gorgeous, and has been long-anticipated by the Resident Evil community. 

The trailer didn't show off any gameplay, but it showcased many of the game's location. 

Interestingly, PSVR 2 content is also in development.

Resident Evill 4 Remake

(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 7 is getting a PSVR 2 port, so now everyone can get horny again about Lady D but far more up close and personal. 

Resident Evil Village DLC

(Image credit: Capcom)

Another PSVR 2 game now, and it's Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 Retribution, the sequel to the utterly brilliant VR title. 

No Man's Sky is also coming to PSVR 2, so prepare yourself for zooming around in space behind those 4K lenses.

Now here comes the full reveal for Horizon: Call of the Mountain - the brand new story in the Horizon universe. 

Although what we originally got teased was a sedentary experience, the full game features climbing, combat, exploration and more. 

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Very excited to experience those huge robo-dinos in first person. 

A new Horizon Forbidden West update is dropping today, which will deliver New Game+ and an Ultra Hard Mode.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC on August 12, another huge boon for Sony's expanding PC universe.

Next up we've got the adorable Stray, the game where you play as a cat in a post-apocalyptic city filled with robots. 

It's finally got a release date of July 19, and will be free for Extra and Premium PS Plus subscribers.


(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

No longer part of the PUBG universe but still 100% super exciting, The Callisto Protocol has made its first appearance since its original reveal at The Game Awards a few years back. 

From the creators of Dead Space, it looks suitably horrific

The Callisto Protocol

(Image credit: Striking Distance)

It's got a release date too, and it's coming this year - December 2, 2022.

The Callisto Protocol

(Image credit: Striking Distance)

Roller Drone looks super awesome. Roller skating, multiplayer extravaganza? Out August 16

Eternights is a 2023 anime-style dating title that looks pretty cool!


(Image credit: Studio Sai)

Capcom is back for more in this State of Play, and as we predicted it's Street Fighter 6. 

Street Fighter 6

(Image credit: Capcom)

It looks incredible, but also like its going to have an adventure / story mode. Not everything in that trailer was the side-scrolling brawler that we know and love, so that's seriously exciting. 

Street Fighter 6 is coming to PS5 and PS4 in 2023.

Now we've got a duo of indie announcements. 

Tunic is coming to PS5 and PS4 on September 27.

Season, a beautiful photography game from Scavengers Studio, got a stunning new trailer and an 'Autumn 2022' release date.

The fox in Tunic against some green monsters

(Image credit: Finji)

Final Fantasy 16 has actually got its big debut at this State of Play as we were hoping.

The trailer shows off single-player combat, seemingly dropping the party entirely. Bosses also have huge new healthbars, so this could well be a marked difference from previous Final Fantasy games to date. 

Final Fantasy 16

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Unfortunately, it's just received a 'Summer 2023' release date though, so we'll be waiting a bit longer for that yet. 

Well that's the lot! Much more varied than the initial teaser from Sony suggested, with indies, PS5 debuts, PC ports, and plenty of PSVR 2 titles. 

What was your favourite from the showcase?