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Amazon Prime Day Gaming PC deals live: all of the best sales on gaming machines

We're finding all of the best discounts on gaming PCs during these Amazon Prime Day deals

gaming PC amazon prime day
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We’re seeing a second wave of Prime Day gaming PC deals today, with massive savings on pre-built rigs and components alike. If you’re looking to get ahead of next month's discounts then this is your chance, with prices slashed on a wide range of products. Get excited, because we’re seeing some of the lowest prices yet on the likes of our best gaming PC. 

Similar to previous Amazon sales, you’ll need a Prime membership to take advantage of these discounts. But not to fear, you can find a 30 day free trial available in both the US and the UK right now, which means you can take advantage of these exclusive savings without paying the regular $14.99 / £8.99 monthly rate. 

If you want to take advantage of any of these Amazon Prime Day gaming PC deals, then you have to act quickly, as they only run until midnight on October 12. However, one thing to keep in mind is the fact that many other retailers are launching their own competing sales, meaning you may benefit from purchasing elsewhere. Fear not, we have collated all of the best deals available from all retailers this Prime Day. 

Today's best Amazon Prime Day gaming PC sales in the US

Today's best Amazon Prime Day gaming PC sales in the UK


If you're hoping to pick up some discounted tech this Amazon Prime Day then look no further. We're saving you from all of the scrolling and bringing you the best deals right here so sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. 

iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC - was $1299.99, now $869.99 at Amazon

SPECS: (AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9 GHz, Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 12GB, 16GB DDR4, 500GB NVME SSD) 

gaming PC amazon prime day

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This gaming PC, which features a 30 series graphics card is currently less than $900. If you're looking for an entry PC or hoping to upgrade your current rig then this is deal for you. It also features a top of the line AMD processor meaning you'll be able to run triple A titles with ease. 

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC - was $1,129.99 now $779.99 at Amazon

Specs: Intel Core i5-11400F 2.6GHz, GeForce RTX 3050 8GB, 8GB DDR4, 500GB

prime day gaming pc deals

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Now this is a major saving on a great machine. With more than 30% off of this rig, it would make an amazing PC for just about anyone and suits all budgets. Whether you're looking for something to run VR games or just need an entry machine to get started in the realm of PC gaming, this set up will work for you. This also comes with a keyboard and mouse, saving you even more. 

Razer Iskur X XL Gaming Chair - was $499.99 now $289.99 at Amazon

gaming chair prime day 2022

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This chair is coming down by a major 42%, making it less than $300 for a seat coming from one of the top gaming retailers, Razer. If you're after a gaming chair, particularly an XL one then this is something you should be taking advantage of as soon as possible. This is recommended for people from 6ft to 6ft 10 inches, and can support a weight of up to 400lbs. 

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse - was $149.99 now $59.99 at Amazon

Lowest ever price!

razer gaming mouse prime day deals

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This is an iteration of our favorite gaming mouse and is currently at its lowest-ever price meaning you should act fast. It is rare for us to see wireless mice from Razer coming in at less than $60. You get the benefit of 11 programmable buttons, 100 hour battery life and an adjustable 20k DPI sensor. This is an amazing deal and is a perfect upgrade for those who are looking to get their hands on a cordless device. 

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL - was $129.99 $64.99 

gaming keyboard deal

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This keyboard comes with linear mechanical switches, giving you that competitive edge over your opponents in game. If this wasn't enough for you, then you also get full RGB chroma lighting and on-board memory to save profiles. Picking up a mechanical keyboard from one of the leading gaming brands, Razer, for less than $65 is a steal. If you're hoping to take advantage of this discount then act fast. 

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard was $199.99 now $99.99

gaming keyboard

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If you're on the hunt for a discount on one of the top of the line gaming keyboards then this is the one for you. It is rare to find over 50% off on this keyboard, making it a great bargain you should take advantage of. You get optical switches, which are faster than regular mechanical switches, along with full RGB and a magnetic wrist rest. This really gives you the best bang for your buck. 

Alienware Aurora R10 Gaming Desktop - was $1,599.99 now $1,189.99 

Specs: MD Ryzen 7 5800, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD, AMD Radeon RX 6600XT 8GB GDDR6

alienware gaming PC deal

(Image credit: Future)

This is an iteration of our favorite gaming PC and you can currently get it for more than $400 off. This rig is not only VR ready but also allows you to run any game you could want to. This is a great machine for those who are looking to upgrade from an older configuration or want to get into PC gaming after playing on console. 

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3050 - was $329.99 now $279.99

graphics cards deals

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Okay so this is a big one, it is very rare to see discounts on the 30 series cards. Although this is only a 3050, if you're yet to get your hands on the newer generations of GPUs then this is the time to grab one. This is an astonishing saving of 15%, which brings the card down to less than $280. After seeing these 30 series deals, I have to say its becoming harder and harder to hold myself back from splashing out and getting one! 

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti - was $529.99 now $399.99

3060ti deals

(Image credit: Future)

Here it is, in my opinion, one of the best deals to be seen this Prime Day. We never ever see deals on the 30 series GPUs, but now that the 40 series has dropped, you can save $120 on the very popular 3060 Ti. Act fast as these are likely to sell out pretty quickly. 

Razer Viper Ultimate Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse - was $129.99 now $59.99

razer viper ultimate gaming mouse deal

(Image credit: Future)

If you're after an amazing quality, high end gaming mouse then this is the deal for you. You can currently get the Razer Viper Ultimate for less than $60. For this price you get wireless connectivity, eight programmable buttons, 20K DPI optical sensor and a 70 hour battery life. This mouse gives you the best bang for your buck. 

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk, Computer Gaming Desk - was $129.99, now $98.39

gaming desk deal

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If you're after a new desk this Prime Day then this may be the deal you've been waiting for. You can currently get this L-shaped dedicated gaming desk which comes with a monitor stand built in. This sale brings this desk to less than $100, which is great for any desk this large, let alone a dedicated gaming desk. Be sure to check whether or not this table will fit in your space before purchasing. 

RESPAWN 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest - was $214.99, now $115.30

gaming chair deals

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This gaming chair, from popular company Respawn, is designed with ergonomics in mind and also comes with a footrest. If you're after a new seat then this is a great option for you, with a price that doesn't break the bank. You can current get this chair for almost half price, with $100 off of the asking price. 

Corsair MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - was $29.99, now $15.99

desk pad deals

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This Corsair desk pad is almost 50% off, coming in at just $15.99. This is optimized for gaming sensors, meaning it makes for a much smoother gaming experience, giving you a one-up over your competition. The base it made from anti-slip material to prevent your mouse from flying around your desk during games. 

SteelSeries Arctis 3 - Was $69.99, now $33.98

gaming headset deal

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This gaming set is lower than half-price at the moment, making it the perfect time to pick it up. It's sleek in design so matches any setup, light or dark. It is compatible with a range of devices, not just PC, making it a great purchase despite what you plan to use it for. 

Intel i5-11600KF processor, now $156.74 (was $277.50) at Amazon

Intel 11th generation i5 processor deal

(Image credit: Future)

Intel's 11th generation i5-11600KF processor is one of our favorite CPUs for gaming, so grabbing it at a record low price in today's Prime Day gaming PC deals is a steal. You're saving $120.76 in total here, picking up the mid-range processor for just $156.74. Previous offers have only ever kicked that cost down to $178.48, so there's an additional $58 off here. 

AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor, now $129.99 (was $259) at Amazon

AMD Ryzen 5 processor

(Image credit: Future)

Don't think we've forgotten about Team Red. This AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor is down to just $129.99 right now, an extra $1 off the previous record low price. That's an excellent result, even if we haven't seen that $259 MSRP for quite some time. You're saving $129 here, half the listing price.

UK: £289.60 £149 at Amazon 

Crucial 32GB DDR5 4800MHz RAM, now $141.80 (was $170.99) at Amazon

Crucial DDR5 RAM deal

(Image credit: Future)

This is the lowest price we've seen on 32GB of Crucial DDR5 RAM at Amazon, with that $170.99 MSRP slowly trickling down the price scale since April before reaching today's record. We have seen this $141.80 cost before, back in September, so this is an excellent opportunity if you missed out back then. 

UK: £166.25 £125.99 at Amazon

Asus ROG Strix Z690-E ATX motherboard, now $379.99 (was $429.99) at Amazon

Asus ROG Strix motherboard

(Image credit: Future)

We've never seen this Asus ROG Strix ATX motherboard drop below $399.99 in the past, which makes today's $50 drop down to $379.99 all the more special. This is a full 12th generation Intel-compatible deck, with space for DDR5 and with AI overclocking, cooling, networking, and noise cancellation. 

HP Pavilion gaming desktop (AMD Ryzen 3 5300G, Radeon RX 5500, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD), now $570 (was $759.99) at Amazon

HP Pavilion gaming PC deal

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If you're after a super cheap pre-built, this HP Pavilion is looking pretty strong. Yes, this is an entry level build but if you're looking for an everyday piece of kit that can run lighter games every now and then you'll find excellent value here. Amazon can save you $189 on this rig, dropping that $759.99 MSRP down to just $570

Asus ROG gaming desktop (i5-11400F, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660Ti, 512GB SSD), now $699.99 (was $1,099.99) at Best Buy

Asus ROG gaming pc

(Image credit: Future)

We're switching gears to Best Buy now, because there are some truly stunning competing offers live at the moment. This Asus ROG machine packs a solid set of specs for just $699.99, an Intel i5-11400F processor, 16GB RAM, and a GTX 1660 Ti graphics card certainly won't see you wrong for the cash here. You're saving $400 overall, slashing that $1,099.99 MSRP. 

Intel Core i7-12700KF Desktop Processor - was $377.98, now $302.38

12th gen intel cpu deals

(Image credit: Future)

If you're building a new PC then you need a CPU to go in it and luckily we're seeing deals on the latest generation of processors. You can currently get this 12th gen i7 processor for just over $300. This $75 saving could be put towards loads of other components for your build and with the discounts, we have been seeing this Prime Day, you can be sure to get your entire rig for less. 

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style, Reclining Gaming Chair, was $319.99, now $199.00

racer gaming chair deals

(Image credit: Future)

If you're looking for a console-style gaming chair then this is the one for you. It reclines like a sofa and therefore is much more comfortable for longer gaming sessions in front of the telly. You save a full $120 off of retail price for this chair which brings it down to its lowest-ever price. 

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard - was $69.99, now $39.99

logitech gaming keyboard

(Image credit: Future)

Getting a Logitech gaming keyboard for less than $50 is a right steal. It comes with customizable keys, fully functional RGB, and dedicated multi-media keys. You also get a wrist rest so you can use this keypad for long periods of time without having any aches or pains.

Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse - was $69.99 $33.24

Razer Orochi V2

(Image credit: Future)

If you need something for on-the-go gaming then this is a great option. This often overlooked gaming mouse, coming in at just $33.24 this Prime Day, is compact and ultralight weight, making it a perfectly portable option. It also provides you with up to 950hours of battery life. 

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam - was $99.99, now $61.74

razer kiyo webcam deal s

(Image credit: Future)

If you're hoping to start streaming or just need a webcam for calling your friends and colleagues, then our best webcam for streaming is currently at its lowest price since January. This camera also comes with a built in ring light meaning you don't need to invest in external lighting. For just over $60 this is such a bargain. 

Logitech Blue Yeti - was $139.99, now $109.99 

blue yeti

(Image credit: Future)

The iconic Blue Yeti is down by $30 this Prime Day. This is a great microphone, whether you need it for streaming, discord calls or for your work from home setup. This mic is honestly iconic for a reason and is exceptionally reliable. You are able to adjust settings with using the Logitech software, or you can just plug and play so if you need a new microphone then be sure to check this out. 

LED Streaming Key Light - was $79.95, now $47.96

key light for streaming deals

(Image credit: Future)

If you're thinking about streaming, you might not have considered lighting. Ring lights are usually the cheaper options but this key light is currently the same price as many of them at the moment. This is a must-see deal for those who are considering streaming as you get a whole key light for less than $50. 

Yesker Green Screen Wrinkle-Resistant Portable - was $139.99, now $111.99

green screen deal s

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Now we bring you the green screen. This is a great addition to a streaming set up but is often skipped out on due to the price point. So here is your chance to grab a collapsible one for just $112. It is rare to find green screens this cheap so be sure to take a peek if you're thinking about picking one up. 

Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset - was $129.99, now $56.99

razer gaming headset deal

(Image credit: Future)

If you're looking to pick up a headset then take a look at this deal on a fan favorite, the Razer Kraken Ultimate edition. It comes with a built-in noise-cancelling mic and will only set you back $57. This is only $2 off of its lowest-ever price, so we're not sure if we will see a discount this big again. 

Logitech G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse - was $99.99, now $89.99

logitech gaming mouse deals

(Image credit: Future)

Although this deal may not seem fascinating, this mouse has only just hit the shelves. The Logitech G705 was only released in September so it is amazing that we are seeing an amazing 10% discount already. If you had your eye on this brilliant mouse then now is your time to pick it up. 

Acer Predator Cestus 330 Gaming Mouse - was $69.99, now $39.99

gaming mouse deals

(Image credit: Future)

Acer predator has not come to play with these deals, a massive 46% off of their signature wired gaming mouse. If you're looking for something reliable with adjustable DPI settings and full RGB functionality then this might be the device for you. 

ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity OC 24GB - now $869.99 (was $1,180.52) at Amazon

ZOTAC RTX 3090 deal

(Image credit: Future)

What's PC gaming if you're not lusting after the latest and greatest in GPU power? The RTX 3090 will soon be outpowered by cards of similar price in the upcoming 4000 series, but given how the last Nvidia launch went, you may not want to wait. For now, the 3090 is tough to beat, especially at just $869.99 for this ZOTAC model.

HP Pavilion Desktop PC | i3-12100, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 730, now $429.99 (was $589.99) at Amazon

Prime Day gaming PC deal

(Image credit: Future)

I hesitate to even call this a gaming PC, but it's labeled as such on Amazon and thus I feel obliged to share it here due to the ludicrously low price. In fairness, you would be able to play plenty of games at 720p on this machine, but they'd have to be pretty non-demanding games like Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Fortnite. Basically, this PC puts the "entry" in entry level PC, and if you want to get into the world of PC gaming for next to nothing, this will do just fine. Bag it for $429 at Amazon before it's too late.