New Xbox Series X event teased for September

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A new Xbox Series X event may be coming in September, according to Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge. 

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Based on this list, Warren (and all of us) have a lot to be excited about in the tech world, and considering all of the items in this list are hardware, we may be getting the Xbox Series X price or more news related to the next-gen console's capabilities. 

As we recently reported, Microsoft quietly dropped the Xbox 20/20 event, a planned monthly series that would periodically update players on news in the world of Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite, and beyond. There was no Xbox 20/20 event in June, and the July update was the Xbox Games Showcase. We're nearly done with August, and there hasn't been any announcement of a new Xbox virtual event, so it's a safe bet we'll be getting some news in September. 

There's been some industry insider whispers that an August event was pushed to next month, so all signs point to a big news drop sometime in September. Considering we're only two months away from November, the window in which we know the Series X will drop, it's about time for us to get some concrete next-gen details. 

GamesRadar recently reported on the Xbox Series S seemingly confirmed by the packaging on a controller - Microsoft played coy in response, promising big announcements in the future without confirming the existence of the Series S, which is meant to be the cheaper brother to the Series X. Maybe this mysterious September event will confirm the existence of the more economical younger brother, and confirm the price for both consoles. 

Stay tuned, as we'll update you accordingly with any Xbox Series X and next-gen news.

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