New X3 villain revealed!

With the buzz building quicker than Total Film’s current aversion to all things turkey, X-Men 3 seems to be shaping up pretty nicely under the watchful gaze of Brett ‘Rush Hour’ Ratner.

The latest baddie added to the roster is Psylocke, who has the powers of teleportation, telepathy and kicking butt. Psylocke has appeared in a host of different guises in the comic books over the years but onscreen she’ll be fleshed out by Filipino actress Mei Melançon.

Melançon did a brief stint for Ratner in Rush Hour 2 and has also done TV turns in CSI and Deadwood. She will be joining the mêlée of twisted mutants such as Magneto (Sir Ian McKellan) and Beast (Kelsey Grammer) in the fight against all that is good and true… arriving on a cinema screen near you on 26 May 2006.