New Transformers TV spot footage!

After last week and our excited, toddler-on-a-sugar-rush report about seeing footage from Transformers, you might have been saying to yourself, “That sounds ace! Where can I gets me some of that sweet, robotic action?”

Wonder no more, Transformers-loving friend. We are here to soothe your soul and point you in the direction of some brand new footage from the movie. Now, admittedly, this isn’t the sustained burst of goodness that we got to see, but then to watch these new TV spots, you won’t have to agree to hand over any current or future children to Michael Bay’s care.

Nope, all you have to do to enjoy the likes of Starscream being evil and Bumblebee looking good is click here . Oh, and try not to laugh at the fact that Michael Bay uses smiley face emoticons on his blog. He’ll only cry.

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