New title and release date for Jack The Giant Killer

Jack The Giant Killer , Bryan Singer’s fairytale update, has been given a new title and release date, with the titular hero now describing himself as Jack The Giant Slayer.

Apparently the title-change is not to make the hero seem more of a badass, or even to tap into the subconscious of dormant Buffy fans, but because “slayer” is thought to be more family-friendly than “killer”. Which strikes us as odd, but there we are.

The film will see Nicholas Hoult play the eponymous “slayer”, who accidentally unleashes all manner of havoc when he inadvertently opens a gateway between our world and that of a fearsome race of giants.

It turns out that the giants were unceremoniously booted out of our world many moons ago, and are only to happy to have a bash at taking it back. Can Jack send them packing again, cleaning up the mess he’s made in the process?

Co-starring Ian McShane, Stanley Tucci and Ewan McGregor, Jack The Giant Slayer now has a new US release date of 1 March 2013, with a UK release on the same day looking likely.

George Wales

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