New Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge trailer reveals the Temple of Darkness

Star Wars Tales From Galaxy's Edge
(Image credit: ILMxLAB/Disney)

A new story is taking place in the Tales from the Galaxy's Edge universe, and it's the called the Temple of Darkness.

A trailer for the story shows off the world of the titular Jedi temple, given way to ruin after being devastated by darkness. Players will get their Jedi skills ready to explore, facing down creepy monsters and using the force to manoeuvre their way through. 

Taking place in the game's universe hundreds of years before The Phantom Menace, the trailer prominently features Jedi Master Yoda. The plot of the story will revolve around Jedi padawan Ady Sun'Zee, who is on Batuu studying at a Jedi research facility. A dark force takes over the temple and leaves Ady the only survivor. Ady then contacts the Jedi Council, which leads to Master Yoda coming to help her figure out the mystery of the temple. 

The story will star Ellie Araiza as Ady Sun'Zee, and famous filmmaker and Muppeteer Frank Oz will be reprising the role he originated as Master Yoda. The game will provide players with a look at the Jedi way of life during The High Republic. The experience will definitely be a can't-miss for any dedicated Star Wars fan, providing a unique VR look into the franchise's lore. 

Temple of Darkness is set to be part of the greater Tales from the Galaxy's Edge experience, set at a time where the Jedi Order is at its peak. Fans can look forward to exploring the temple alongside Master Yoda when the story releases on November 19 for the Oculus Quest. 

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