New Star Trek TV series is called Star Trek Discovery- watch the first teaser trailer

Trekkies rejoice! Crowds gathered in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con today for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary panel were treated to a special first look at the new TV series, set to debut next year on CBS All Access.  

The show hails from Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, who was on hand to announce its proper title as.... *drum roll please*.... Star Trek: Discovery. The name is inspired by the new starship, the U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031, the centerpiece of the first teaser:  

Fuller also moderated the panel in Hall H where he told fans the show would "continue to be progressive," by telling the "adventure of humankind." More importantly, it "has to remind audiences the message of Star Trek — continuing to push boundaries." One aspect of previous Trek shows that it won't stick to closely is the storytelling format. Fuller added that it “won’t be episodic.” 

Star Trek: Discovery is scheduled to debut in January 2017. 

Images: CBS 

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Gem Seddon

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