New Rick and Morty season 5 trailer confirms delay – and the longest episode in the show’s history

Rick and Morty fans have heard this one before: the show is going on a break.

But, unlike the fourth season’s months-long hiatus, Rick and Morty season 5’s delay is far shorter – and it even means we’ll be getting an extra-long episode to make up for it.

The new Rick and Morty season 5 trailer confirms that the show will be off the air for four whole weeks. Then, on September 5, the show will return for two-episodes-in-one in what's being described as a "one hour finale". (And, if anything changes, you'll be sure to find out in our Rick and Morty season 5 release schedule.)

Given the revelations in the previous episode about the Smith family – which we won’t spoil here – it seems that Rick is pretty content to completely shake up the household. The teaser shows Morty playing around with the contents of his grandfather’s iconic portal gun, and Rick reacting by wanting to introduce a new Morty-less reality. Obviously.

Surprisingly, given Rick and Morty’s penchant for pushing the meta boundaries of the show’s construct, this is the first time the series has gone past the half-hour mark. It’s not yet known whether the previously scheduled two episodes will be a definitive two-parter or will merge into one cohesive episode. Either way, it’s semantics – we’re getting a full hour of Rick and Morty in one sitting this September.

The bumper-length episode might even pave the way to some chatter about how a Rick and Morty movie could pan out. Producer Scott Marder previously told GamesRadar+ during a roundtable that he thinks "it’ll happen". Fingers crossed.

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