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New Power Rangers image has Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa trapped in ice

The Power Rangers are returning to the big screen next year, and the villain the teenage heroes will be facing off against is Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa. We've already gotten a few looks at the emerald-clad baddie, but the latest image has the character in a bit of a predicament. 

Check it out below...

It's likely that this is the prison that Bryan Cranston's Zordon traps Banks' baddie in, so presumably she'll be engineering an escape early on in the movie. I'm curious to see Banks' take on the villain; The 90's version of Repulsa was very campy, but from everything we've heard about the reboot director Dean Israelite is going in a much different direction. We'll get a better sense of what he's aiming for when the first trailer eventually drops online.

Directed by Dean Israelite and starring Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, and Elizabeth Banks, the Power Rangers movie will be released in UK and US cinemas on March 24, 2017.

Images: Lionsgate

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