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New Marvel report debunks Fantastic Four rumors and provides update on pre-production

Fantastic Four Marvel movie
(Image credit: Disney)

Fantastic Four rumors have been flying around the internet faster than The Human Torch on a rainy day in Manhattan.

A new Marvel report, however, has laid any whispers about casting – or anything else for that matter – to bed. One of the MCU's most hotly anticipated entries, it seems, is in its very, very early stages.

Deadline's Justin Kroll said on Twitter: "Marvel just started meeting with writers on Fantastic Four, there is no script and it will be awhile before this film starts shooting."

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That debunks the most prevalent Fantastic Four rumor that Jennifer Lawrence was in line to play Sue Storm (AKA Invisible Woman) in the undated Marvel movie. That appears to stem from a report from Australian publication Daily Telegraph on the actor being set to film in the country, which snowballed out of control elsewhere. For now, there isn't even a script to speak of, much less any actors attached to the fledgling project.

Fantastic Four not being off the ground yet should come as no surprise. Its director, Jon Webb, is currently filming Spider-Man 3 – while there are literally half-a-dozen movies in Marvel Phase 4 heading to theaters before it, with the likes of Captain Marvel 2 and a Black Panther sequel also scheduled.

Kevin Feige officially announced Fantastic Four during Disney's Investors' Day stream in December. It's the first time Marvel's First Family have been under the Marvel Studios banner – a by-product of Disney's merger with Fox.

Marvel, though, might already be laying the breadcrumbs for Reed Richards and company. One line in WandaVision ramped up speculation that Fantastic Four's origins might have happened off-screen, while that aerospace engineer is yet to turn up – with Mister Fantastic being among the frontrunners in some fans' eyes.

For now, let's focus on something a little more immediate. Here's the full WandaVision release schedule so you don't miss an episode.

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