A new John Wick-universe movie is in development

Keanu Reeves as John Wick in John Wick: Chapter 4
(Image credit: Lionsgate)

A new John Wick spin-off movie is in development.

"There is another film that we're developing that I think we'll be announcing in the next, say, month or two," producer Erica Lee told Collider. "Then, I'm hopeful there's a Ballerina 2, and John Wick 5, and lots of other things. But we're developing a lot of stuff and having a lot of discussions with a lot of writers and brand management and Wick universe is my utmost priority."

John Wick: Chapter 4 had a franchise-best opening weekend, raking in $73.5 million in the US and $64 million worldwide, bringing in a total of $137.5 million. Though director Chad Stahelski recently said that he and Reeves wanted to give the franchise "a rest" after Chapter 4, Lionsgate released a statement saying that they "aren't ready to say goodbye to Keanu with this franchise" and that there are "a lot of different things that we can do."

Two Wick spin-offs are currently in the works: Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas as Rooney, a dancer-turned-assassin for the ruthless Ruska Roma crime family, is slated for a 2024 spring/summer release. The Continental, a prequel mini-series that follows a young Winston and Charon (played by Ian McShane and the late Lance Reddick in the film franchise), is set for a September release on Peacock. Keanu Reeves, Reddick, Anjelica Huston, and McShane are all expected to make cameos in Ballerina.

John Wick 4 is in theaters now. For more, check out our guide to the John Wick 4 ending explained or our John Wick 4 post-credits scene.

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