New Jessica Jones season 2 set photos are here - why are Jess and Trish getting arrested?

Jessica Jones season 2 is currently filming, and it looks like some intrepid photographer has snapped a couple pics of some morally questionable activity going down - not totally unlike our super strong heroine herself, really. Here we see Jess and her partner in justice Trish Walker getting arrested by the fuzz:

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What did they do? Who did they upset? Why aren't they resisting? Why are we still calling her Trish instead of Patsy like in the comics? So many questions!

Mayhaps we'll get some insight into Jones' vigilante lifestyle in the upcoming superhero team-up show The Defenders when it premieres in August. We've also got a list of what we want to see in Jessica Jones season 2 - but let us know your theories and thoughts as well!

Sam Prell

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