New iPad deal on Apple's brand new 10.2-inch iPad already at Amazon

Apple iPad 10.2 deals prices Amazon
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Apple's iPad lineup recently got a refresh across the board and it wasn't just the high-end Air and Pro that got the love with new models this year: the 10.2-inch entry-level iPad received new internals and some cool new features. And as if that wasn't enough, Amazon has already cut $30 off the 32GB model's price for a limited time. There's $34 off the 128GB one too. A fantastic pair of iPad deals we didn't expect to see so soon.

While it might be the cheapest iPad in the 2020 product line, that doesn't mean it isn't capable, with the latest version of iPadOS offering fully-fledged multi-tasking, support for the Pencil (and handwriting recognition), a powerful A12 chip inside, the ability to pair with game controllers, stereo speakers, all-day battery, and, of course, the big and beautiful 10.2-inch display. 

It's the real deal, for a fraction of the price of the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

As we roll back into school and work from home, having a tablet can be a really useful addition to your life, giving you a non-iPhone or laptop way of watching things in bed, reading books, video calling, doodling, messaging friends, and whatever else. The bigger screen really does make a difference and the iPad only weighs one pound.


Apple iPad (10.2-inch) | 8th-generation | 32GB | $329 $299 from Amazon
The iPad is, let's face it, the best tablet around and the 10.2-inch model offers a cheap and cheerful way to get in on the action, which is especially compelling if you don't plan on working on the tablet. It's a great accompaniment, especially at this price.

Apple iPad (10.2-inch) | 8th-generation | 128GB | $429 $395 from Amazon

Apple iPad (10.2-inch) | 8th-generation | 128GB | $429 $395 from Amazon
If you fancy having a little more storage, Amazon is also running a discount on the roomier 128GB model, letting you download as many books, films, and audio as your heart desires. Make sure you don't miss out.

As we head into fall and then winter, and the pandemic continues, having something that isn't our phone or laptop to look at can be really nice. Apple has designed the iPad for comfort, making it the perfect sofa or bed companion.

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