New Evolve patch fixes data loss bug on Xbox One

Following a number of issues raised by Xbox One Evolve users, publisher 2K and developer Turtle Rock have released a new patch that addresses most of their problems - most notably the bug that was causing some users to lose entire files of game data.

The patch, 1.1, also nixes a number of other small issues affecting Xbox One users. These include improving the lighting model in regard to shadows and the use of flashlights; small tweaks to smooth out matchmaking, invites and rejoining hunts; “various progression balance changes” and finally an update that stops an additional class from spawning, creating a five-man team against the monster.

“The issue with lost progress and saved games was mostly limited to the Xbox One; it was rare and affected only a small percentage of players,” reads the post on 2K Games’ official blog. “Fixing this has been the dev team's top priority since it was first reported, and our customer service agents have been working to help those affected.”

The Evolve update should download automatically, or when you next log into the game and connect to the internet. There's more info about the patch's contents here.

In other news, Evolve will also be making its tournament debut at PAX East on 6 March. The competition, which features eight teams made up of both professional and amateur players, will kick off at 10am EST. You can catch it live on the official Evolve Twitch channel.

Evolve is out now for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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