New Epic Mickey footage reveals the twisted inner-psyche of a dog gone mad

Loving the slow trickle of new Epic Mickey reveals. For gamers, a brand new game from Deus Ex’s Warren Spector is enough to get excited about, but every sliver of gameplay unveiled should be sending animation nerds like myself through the goddamned roof!

Above: Remember this? We sensationalized this pic and many others completely out of context in ourGrisly Disney feature

Hard to believe I got away with such a feature, but GR’s actually already published a picture from the cartoon on which the first level in the video below is based. In 1951’s "Plutopia," Mickey’s bestest friend is tormented by a feral feline in his sleep, and that surreally stylized neon nightmare is shown off as the basis for one of Epic Mickey’s 2D transition levels.

But no, these glorious throwbacks aren’t exclusive to Mickey and his ilk. You’ll see another level inspired by “Oh, What a Knight,” a short that originally starred purported in-game villain, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Above: Oswald, neither gone, nor forgotten

The video follows that up with the 3D Lonesome Manor level, partially inspired by Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction, and it also features a previously confirmed, nearly forgotten character from Disney’s past,The Mad Doctor.

Above: Is this game still for kids?!

Ya know, you readers are really lucky to have someone with nerdy knowledge such as mine. Otherwise, you’d have no idea exactly how much Epic Mickey is gonna rule when it finally hits store shelves this Holiday season. You’re welcome!

Jul 26, 2010

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