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These secret Netflix codes help unlock a whole heap of new movies and shows

(Image credit: Netflix)

In these trying times, Netflix has been a life-saver, offering subscribers weeks of wonderful entertainment. However, chances are you may think you've exhausted everything on the streaming service. Well, think again. 

There's a set of Netflix codes that allow you to easily find vast amounts of fresh content that you probably haven't seen yet. These codes create homepages dedicated to certain genres – such as Asian Action Movies (opens in new tab) or Sci-Fi Thrillers (opens in new tab) – and offer up some particularly niche choices that you likely didn't know were on Netflix.

To use these codes, all you have to do is add the number to the end of the domain: (opens in new tab). To make things even simpler, we've got all the major codes you need below with links – H/T to Ogres-Crypt (opens in new tab).

Note: these codes will only work using a web browser. However, once you've seen the movie you want to watch, then you can head over to your platform of choice. And for more viewing suggestions, you can read our pieces on the best Netflix movies (opens in new tab) and best Netflix shows (opens in new tab).

Action & Adventure (1365) (opens in new tab)

Anime (7424) (opens in new tab)

Children & Family Movies (783) (opens in new tab)

Classic Movies (31574) (opens in new tab)

Comedies (6548) (opens in new tab)

Cult Movies (7627) (opens in new tab)

Documentaries (6839) (opens in new tab)

Dramas (5763) (opens in new tab)

Faith & Spirituality (26835) (opens in new tab)

Foreign Movies (7462) (opens in new tab)

Gay & Lesbian Movies (5977) (opens in new tab)

Horror Movies (8711) (opens in new tab)

Independent Movies (7077) (opens in new tab)

Music (1701) (opens in new tab)

Romantic Movies (8883) (opens in new tab)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1492) (opens in new tab)

Sports Movies (4370) (opens in new tab)

Thrillers (8933) (opens in new tab)

TV Shows (83) (opens in new tab)

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