Netflix is making a TV adaptation of The Dark Crystal - yes, the muppet movie with the scary bird people

Here's some news that will hit you right in the childhood: Netflix and The Jim Henson Company are creating a 10-episode original series based on The Dark Crystal. Set years before the events of the film, The Dark Crystal: Age of Rebellion will follow three Gelflings who discover untold secrets about the tyrannical Skeksis and seek to overthrow them. You can watch a teaser below:

Now, for all of you who didn't watch this classic fantasy film back in the day: think Lord of the Rings, as envisioned by Jim Henson. Gelflings are sorta halfway between Elves and Halflings, only much cuter, while the wicked Skeksis are your standard evil overlord archetypes. It's a movie beloved for its production values and unique world, as well as being a family film that doesn't dumb down its message or presentation.

It's hard to say what quality this new Netflix version will possess, but I'm glad to see a focus on practical effects and animatronics. It wouldn't have felt right to revive this world and turn it into something glossy and fake. Count me in. 

Sam Prell

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