Nathan Fillion's request for Halo 5: Can you make me better looking?

Nathan Fillion is a good looking guy with fame and all the adoring fans that come with it. But it seems that even he wonders "what if I was just a teensy bit more handsome?" During a visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Fillion talked about his journey from player to in-game star, and explained how he asked the developers of Halo 5 to make him "just a little bit better looking."

Apparently one quick *boop!* is all it takes before you wind up with Spartan Buck - a steel eyed, iron jawed, granite cheekboned vision of Fillion. I love the faux shock on Fillion's face as he recounts the story, but to Fillion I say don't feel bad buddy; I'm sure it would take at least several boops before I was Spartan-ready.

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