Morgan Freeman unlocks The Code

If those living near Hollywood are hearing wailing sirens and seeing searchlights scouring the ground, it can only mean one thing: someone has broken out of director jail.

In this case, it’s Mimi Leder, who was consigned to the cinematic link for the overwrought and patchy Pay It Forward. While inside, she’s been paying her dues, directing episodes of TV shows such as The West Wing and the short-lived Vanished.

But now she’s getting back into movies and bringing one of the stars of her second film – Deep Impact – along for the ride. Because Morgan Freeman has agreed to star in The Code, which will see him act alongside Antonio Banderas as a pair of jewel thieves.

Freeman’s playing the elder of the two, who recruits Banderas to help him pull – wait for it – one last heist. It’s all in aid of paying off a debt to the Russian mob. And you know how those guys get. Leder will start filming today at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Bulgaria.