More New Sci-Fi From The CW: Star-Crossed & The 100 Trailers

While we’re getting excited about The CW’s The Tomorrow People , we’re having the polar opposite reaction to another of its new season offerings. Star-Crossed is Alien Nation meets Romeo & Juliet , and as corny as that concept sounds the trailer makes it look even cringier. Of course, the aliens here are simply beautiful teenagers with easy-to-apply tattoos; the show might have been more interesting if the main girl fell in love with something that looked like ET. Then again, this is the channel whose definition of “Beast” is “Beefcake with a slight scar”.

The 100 , meanwhile, looks like Lord Of The Flies meets After Earth , which considering how badly After Earth has performed at the box office may not be such a good thing. We were pretty much dozing through the trailer until the mutant deer appeared. After that, there were signs that the show might have some interesting elements (as in, it looks like the teen death rate might be high), but it’s still difficult to judge what the week-by-week format of the show will be.

Star-Crossed Clip
The 100 Clip
The Tomorrow People trailer

Dave Golder
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