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More Assassin's Creed Origins details leak: second playable character, Scorpio optimization, and out October 27

A slew of details regarding Assassin's Creed Origins has leaked ahead of its (expected) E3 2017 debut. The information comes courtesy of an alleged issue of Game Informer, of which Assassin's Creed Origins is the cover story.

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It's possible this is all faked so take it with a grain of salt, but everything seems to check out here. Among the listed improvements and features, here are a few highlights to take note of, courtesy of Reddit:

  • Development started immediately after Black Flag
  • October 27 release date
  • Takes place during rise of Cleopatra
  • New fighting and movement systems (no more sprint button)
  • Swimming is back, with plenty to find underwater
  • A second playable character
  • Wild animals will attack not only the player but each other
  • You can add arrows blocked with your shield to your inventory
  • RPG-lite leveling system with multiple branches (Seer, Warrior, Hunter)
  • Gladiator battles in arena
  • Optimized for Xbox Scorpio

Again, this is unconfirmed until made official by Ubisoft, but the details are salacious and exciting if true. My guess is we'll find out at either the Ubisoft or Microsoft E3 2017 press conference.

Sam Prell
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