Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke respond to Moon Knight episode 4's big twist

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight episode 4
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Moon Knight episode 4 ended with a major twist that sent the internet wild – and Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke have shared their thoughts on the moment. Spoilers ahead!

Right at the end of the episode, Isaac's Marc Spector is shot dead, and wakes up in a psychiatric hospital. Hawke's villainous Arthur Harrow is his doctor, while May Calamawy's Layla El-Faouly is a fellow patient, and Marc holds a Moon Knight figure. He eventually encounters his other personality Steven Grant, though – and the duo run into the Egyptian god Taweret.

"I imagine people will feel like once we're finally starting to get a handle on what is happening, the whole rug gets just yanked from under everyone and we're thrown into a whole different scenario," Isaac told TheWrap. "And that's very exciting."

Hawke went into more detail. "We have a hero who has a fractured mind. And he's an unreliable narrator," he explained. "And what you realize at the end of four is that you're being told a story from his point of view, and his point of view might be misleading."

It seems answers are coming, though. "And what the rest of the journey – his journey is to integrate all his selves into one, and as he integrates it, reality itself gets clearer," added Hawke. "So things will be made clear, but just not yet."

The cameo from Taweret – associated with passage to the underworld in Egyptian mythology – suggests that Marc and Steven have found themselves in the afterlife, though whether the god will help them escape or not remains to be seen.

We won't have long to wait for answers – the series drops a new episode every Wednesday, and you can see our Moon Knight release schedule to find out exactly when episode 5 lands in your time zone.

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