Monster Hunter Rise special edition Switch and Pro controller are coming this March

Monster Hunter Rise Switch
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A Monster Hunter Rise special edition Switch and Pro controller are set to release alongside the game on March 26. 

With some seriously stylish gold decals that really pop on the black base of the console, the special edition Switch features an image of the huge wyvern Magnamalo featured in Monster Hunter Rise on the dock. Other designs themed around the upcoming Monster Hunter adventure also decorate the Joy-Con controllers and the back of the Switch console itself. 

Nintendo also revealed a shiny new Monster Hunter Rise edition Pro controller that's sold separately. With another striking design, the controller is also decorated with a Magnamalo image in the same snazzy gold finish. 

You can pre-order Monster Hunter Rise and its accessories (or the console bundle) right here.

The special edition Switch console comes with a code for Monster Hunter Rise, along with the Deluxe Kit DLC which bags you some additional bonus content. In the DLC, you get the Kamurai Hunter layered armor set, the Shuriken Collar Palamute layered armor piece, and a Fish Collar armor piece for your Palico. A Samurai pose set, Kabuki face paint, four jump Gestures, and an Izuchi Tail hairstyle are also included. 

Earlier this month, Capcom announced that players could try out a Monster Hunter Rise demo, which is still currently available on Switch for a few more days until January 31. You can try out some of the new features in the upcoming RPG, such as Wyvern riding, and give four quests a whirl with other players in local or online co-op. If you try out the demo, your save will also unlock an item pack in the full release of the game, including potions and energy drinks.  

Big in 2021: Monster Hunter Rise impresses with a stunning mix of classic style and modern flair. Also creating waves is an upcoming Monster Hunter World board game, featuring models over a foot tall.

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