Monster Hunter Rise players are immortalizing their beloved pets in-game

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Monster Hunter Rise players are putting their furry friends in Capcom's new action game to commemorate them.

At the very beginning of Monster Hunter Rise, the player is prompted to create a feline and canine companion from scratch, customizing their fur patterns, ears, and more. As you can see below, this has let players customize their Palicoes and Palamutes after their own pets, and plenty of players are using it to pay tribute to those pets who have sadly passed away.

My dog Nebin passed away 6 months ago. Now he can live on as a hunting legend. from r/MonsterHunter

The above example was of a Palamute being recreated in Monster Hunter Rise, but you can check out a Palico remade in the style of someone's cat just below. We've got to say, Aeon looks like the absolute cutest of cats, and the player's recreated Palico companion looks like an absolute treat.

On release day, Aeon left this world in order to greet me in another. from r/MonsterHunter

If you're wondering why players are paying tribute to their pets in Monster Hunter Rise and not World, it's chiefly because the 2018 game didn't feature Palamutes. The dog-like creatures are a brand new addition to Monster Hunter with the release of Rise, and so players can now customize not only their feline friends, but their canine ones too.

My German Shepherd Rambo was always by my side all his life and he was a brave champion in life, and he passed away as a champion back in January, now he’ll be by my side again as we hunt monsters together!! I love and miss you buddy from r/MonsterHunter

All throughout the comments underneath the three posts we've outlined here, players are sounding off with heartfelt messages of congratulations and sympathy, with some even adding that they've similarly customized their Palico or Palamute after a pet who's no longer with them.

Monster Hunter Rise is proving to be a hit with players, as Capcom just announced earlier today on March 29 that the game has surpassed four million copies shipped worldwide in three days, an impressive figure for a Switch-exclusive release especially. To see what we made of Capcom's action game, head over to our Monster Hunter Rise review for more.

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